It’s about time for ‘shooting’ season…

The time has come for me to FINALLY set up my own fashion shoots! During the entire month of March 2009, I have been gathering & casting models to be in my shoots. Along with the models, I had to search for a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and creative director…..not to mention brainstorm potential concepts I wanted to convey!

After much consideration I have narrowed my model list down to 7 or so models that I want to use throughout the entire month of April shoots. I can’t express how exciting it is to be able to do more than just “everyday” shoots. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy all photography & love my job; but it’s something about having control over EVERYTHING in a shoot: YOUR concept, YOUR models, YOUR style team, YOUR locations, YOUR word goes. I pray and hope that everything will go as desired and I will be embarking on a project that will be predecent to what I’ll be doing for the rest of my natural life!

The first shoot will take place the early part of next week. If you are interested in being a model (great chance to begin or beef up your own portfolio as well have a good experience under your belt) email me at with the subeject “April Fashion Model” & a few face on/profile photos of yourself at your fiercest. Mind you these shoots are “high fashion” so a “high fashion” look is desired.

Photos will be up here slowly but surely, you know when you do your own editing, it seems to take FOREVER! =)

……..until then, here are some of my photos from previous shoots

shine mag summer shoot

Shine Magazine Shoot:Summer 2009 Issue

”][Sam Harmonix Album Shoot]
The first shoot I ever set up myself//MODEL: Thomas P.

The first shoot I ever set up myself//MODEL: Thomas P.

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