Delay in Shoots!!

So I am kinda bummed because being that everyone, including myself, has been getting ready for & taking exams this month it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get ANY of my planned shoots done! Geesh, I tell you the life of a student freelance photographer is NOT an easy one.

I have a bout 7 concepts in mind and I am still looking for reliable models to shoot. My normal shoots ae for [Joc’s Photography] customers, but since these are MY shoots I am setting up for MY portfolio, there are strict criteria that the models need to have…I know what I want in a model & I know how I want my shoots to turn out. I will just continue to search and shoot the customers I have scheduled for the next coming weeks.

I have completed 3 of my 5 finals and will be DONE with everything this Thursday. I have next week off , then it’s back for summer school (trying to graduate a semester early). Summertime will be better since everyone is pretty much flexible.

….I guess we’ll just have to wait & see…….

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