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SO it’s been another long stint….

SO it’s been like a year it seems like since I’ve been up here. Just to update you guys, my photography is going steadily GREAT! ….&& I’ve seriously updated my business through :


* new equipment    * new contacts   * new prices    * new clients


Things are still taking time to expand while I’m finishing up my last year of undergrad here in NC, but photography is what I love so it’s worth the wait! Right now, I’m just thanking God for just even the [dreams] that flood my mind and the [goals] that course my heart.  Once I am able to travel and make contacts and financially support myself and my dream, I am confident that everything will fall in place!


If you’re reading this, thanks for even coming and reading up on my journey to success. Until then I’ll post some photos that I’ve done recently for PLUTO Clothing.


:: Joc ::





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