Monthly Archives: August 2011

Yolanda “Earthy” Shoot

Shot with one of my FAVORITE (& talented) clients Yolanda a few weeks ago! She was going for a natural, ‘mother-earth’ vibe; and even though there were mosquitos galore, we still cranked out some great photos & had an awesome time shooting! Here is a preview for you guys!


Wedding Bells!

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So even though weddings are not my specialty, I LOVE the entire ambiance! I’m not married myself and shooting at these receptions, ceremonies, & events allows me, as a young woman, to daydream! The fact that I was chosen to take part in the celebration of someone else’s happiness makes ME happy! Here are a few shots of the red carpet photos/table scape at the Hinton-Seed wedding in North Carolina last September!


So it’s been forever since I’ve updated everything up here but so much has happened this year in my photography! I’ve been to NY and around NC racking up photos & continuing to nurish my love for photography! Just updated the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website! Check it out!