Old friends & my new pal Drew Chambers…

One of my close friends Sam Pounds came down to visit our mutual friend Natalie Pope & I! It was soooo much fun catching up on everything & bugging out! Sam told us about where he is in life now and with him he brought his friend, and artist, Drew Chambers. Drewseth (my name for him) is SOOOOOO doggone cool & so much fun to be around! The 4 of us acted like we had all been friends for all our lives! Drew is SUCH a talented singer & artist…his ethnicity may be one thing…but his soul is DEFINITELY another! The richness and feeling in his voice is beyond comprehensible! I mean…come on…can I get some of that voice!? haha If you want to hear for yourself, go visit his YouTube page  http://www.youtube.com/user/dchamberd and you WON’T be disappointed! You can see most of his covers on his YouTube page, but also go to ITunes & check out his LP & single “Tempo” which is produced by Sam (Sam Harmonix).

So do yourself a favor & check out my friends! They are SO talented & I am very proud of them (including Natalie, who is coming out with a gospel LP soon!)

Joc (me), Drewseth, Samothy, and Natalia! ❤


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