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Terence Henderson Shoot

Terence Henderson Shoot

Here is a sneak peek of a photo from aspiring model Terence’s shoot earlier! Check the Joc’s Photography Website to get a glance of more from the shoot!

To the Kids of Today, a Magazine is an IPad that Doesn’t Work…

Saw this video online, of a 1 year old who is so apt to playing with an Ipad, she gets fed up when a real life magazine doesn’t move and ‘work’ like the Ipad. Sad isn’t it.



Photography Classes

I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge b/c Lord knows I still have lots to learn! I’ve been researching quality photography classes & lighting workshops in the area. I’ve found a few, but not sure they’ll work with my schedule so I’m on the prowl again! lol If any photogs out there in photog land know of any good ones in the NC area or close by…let me know!

– Joc

What’s up this Monday Morningggggg?!

So it’s Monday, again, and this weekend I’ve had some very interesting conversations with various people about my photography and how it fits into my life. I admit, working full time in Corporate America, being involved in church, AND Joc’s Photography does (more times than not) wear me thin! I’ve been praying on things and my photography is what I really find joy in doing! I don’t want to COMPLETELY take a break altogether, but I don’t want to go crazy from stress, so I’ve been exploring the thought of lessening my shoot-load for the time being. Most times, I’ll go straight from work, into a shoot or schedule 3 shoots in one day (SUICIDE I KNOW!!!!! lol) so maybe I’ll back off to 1 shoot on weekends, that way I won’t frazzle myself out! I’ll still be here for you guys to crank out some awesome photos!!!! Just thought you’d like to know that, out of respect to my health & SANITY, I won’t be booking as many shoots as usual for awhile!

Peace & Photos,