20 Years and Still Overcoming…

I know this has virtually NOTHING to do with photography but today marks the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson’s announcement of his HIV status & retirement from the NBA/Lakers. Yes we all know that he acquired the virus from sleeping around on his wife, but I think getting HIV could be on of the the best things that could’ve happened to him. I know I just lost some of you right then…! haha but think of this: if he had  NOT gotten infected, he probably would’ve continued cheating on his wife & taken his life & his family for granted. Even worse, he could’ve gotten actual AIDS! Though I’m quite positive he’s suffered emotionally, physically, etc…he’s actually become a bigger hero than basketball could’ve EVER made him! Through his public diagnosis, he’s allowed others who have the virus to see that they TOO can have a chance at an awesome life. Not too many years ago, through the power of God & medicine, Magic was healed & cured of HIV and has raised SO much money for research, it’s now possible for the common-man to recieve much needed, immune boosting medication so that they won’t have to succomb to the complications the HIV virus can cause. So on this day, I tip my hat to Magic for being brave & faithful.

– Joc


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