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Was it a Very Merry Christmas!?

(in my kindergarten teacher voice) Did everyone have a good Christmas this weekend!? =)

This Christmas was super, duper chill & simple & I loved it! Minus the hectic nature of cooking & trying to get ready, everyone was relaxed, appreciative & blessed.

Christmas Eve, the wedding went smoothly (I’ll post photos later as I edit them) and when I got back home I crashed!!! lol Christmas Day was a bit in a tizzy since everyone was scrambling to get to church and back in time to finish cooking! Needless to say we ate at like 4pm and opened gifts aroubnd 7pm! haha

Last night some extended family came & we had a blast opening up & wearing out our Michael Jackson Experience game! I know whenever I need a work out, I can turn to this! No wonder Michael was so tired & on that pain medication…this thing works your body!

Now you know about my Christmas ( how was yourssss!?

– Joc

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

It’s always good to start your day off with a hearty chuckle & a corduroy blouse. =) Happy Thursday everyone!

Photography 2012

Just to let you guys know that I’ll be purchasing more equipment over the holidays so in 2012 I’ll be raring and ready to go! Now booking January 2012!


Happy Holiday! Peace & photos!

– Joc