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All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

HEYYYY (again) so if you’re all wondering “hey…where are the photos from the event Joc chaired?”. The answer is…in my camera. lol I overseed and allowed a young high school aspiring photographer to do all the photography for the night. I’m also working with her on editing them (which is why it’s taking a little longer to get up). Thanks for being patient, but here is a photo of me before going up to sing that night behind Drew Chambers & Sam Harmonix ( )




Happy Friday!

And soooo another weekend begins! I have a toddler shoot this weekend so my Saturday should be filled with lots of running around & coaxing with candy. lol What’s everyone else doing? Does your weekend include booking your date for March 2012…dates are getting snatched up fast!

Also, if you’re in the Miami, FL area this weekend make sure to check out my good friends [Drew Chambers and The Harmonics] at “The Mansion” Saturday Feb 4, 2012 @ 11:00pm. See their official website ( ) for details on tickets or costs.

Au revoir & all that jazz! ❤

– Joc