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Weekend Gigs!

Hey guys! This weekend I have event gigs all around so it should definitely be a breezy one! Tonight it’s a swanky night lounge for a client’s birthday & a ceremony on the beach Saturday! Sunday it’s back home for a service then a well deserved nap! lol

Loading up on healthy snacks to get me through this wonderful weekend! ❤

Enjoy this sunshiney weather guys!

ps. Only 1 DAY LEFT for April 2012 — in the meantime now booking May 2012!



Fashion Editorial Sneak Peek! ** yay **

Earlier in the month I had the pleasure of shooting a fashion editorial for brand fresh new designer Brittany Perry. She’s straight from New York, got her degree, and has started on some pieces! Here is a ‘first look’ edit from the shoot!

Enjoy ❤

ps. to check out the Behind The Scenes goodies from the shoot —check it out here —>


CP Style Blog — MUST SEE!

Wanted to let you all know that you MUST follow my cool guy Chris Pearson. He’s a photographer & stylist wrapped up in one — but he currently styles in New York. He just started a blog this month, CPStyle, & on it, he covers all the behind the scenes goodies that he has access to as a fashion stylist! He has awesome talent, an awesome eye, and is just an awesome person all around! He’s recently interned with fashion stylist Crystal Streets from Oxygen’s “House Of Glam” …so that SHOULD give you some insight on how dope-o-matic he is!

All love to him!



Chris Pearson


Some of Chris' work


Some of Chris' work


Daryl Andrew Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting with this little guy (who also happens to be my cousin) and I am not joking when I say that he really should get picked up by SOMEBODY’S modeling agency! He’s 3 yrs old with an outrageous personality! I think this is the moment that actually got me back on my workout routine…seriously! Shooting tots, you’ve got to have energy and a smile to go along with it! Check out some of the photos!

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Don’t be too busy to live.

Don’t be too busy to liv…

Ode to School Time Beginnings

Just wanted to take a moment to think back on how I even started this blog! In 2007 I began [Joc’s Photography] and during a Media Publication class my Jr year in undergrad, one of our assignments was to start a blog. Before this time I’d fiddle with, but never seriously wrote.

 For a few days I pondered “what can I do this assignment on?” then BING… why not use this opportunity to expand and better my business! And the Official [Joc’s Photography] Blog was created! I kept up with it for the first few months & even got some great comments from some great people (such as NY based photographer Robert Zuckerman – worked on Bad Boys II & Independence Day, etc). I lost track, but always came back!

Now I’m here & in full effect — updating you every step of the way on what’s going on in the life of Joc & [Joc’s Photography]!

– Peace & Photos

So you use a DSLR in Auto Mode…

So you use a DSLR in Auto Mode...

This is HILARIOUS! All my serious photogs will get this joke. lol

This is good for all fashion stylists or if you are wondering how to choose the perfect outfit for your [Joc’s Photography] photo shoot! Sometimes less is more! ❤

into mind


Traditionally, spring cleaning was meant to rid a house of its wintery layer and prepare it for spring. I don’t own a house, but I do own a closet, and the principle is the same: you can’t put your new spring clothes into a jam-packed closet full of knits, tights and other cold-weather items, right?

Along with a seasonal turnover, now is a good time to do a general big edit and purge your closet of everything that’s only wasting space. I have to confess, I love the editing process. I think my wardrobe should be a reflection of my style and my aesthetic judgment. Every item that I don’t really like or that just doesn’t look good on me, is tainting that reflection a little bit, and throwing it out feels like a detox.

Once you detoxified your closet, you might be left with a lot less clothes, but at…

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If It’s Yo Birthday Make Some NOISE!!!! —> [Joc’s Photography] Birthday Special

ImageAs some of you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up in April!
— and since I really want to include you guys in the celebration, for the entire month of April 2012, [Joc’s Photography] will be offering 10% off ANY photo shoot if you order at least 1 print or goodie via the [Joc’s Photography] Client Access Page!
The Client Access page is a new feature of the [Joc’s Photography] experience in where you, your family, and close friends can order high quality prints of any size! PLUS you can order photo goodies such as custom ornaments, mens/women/kids apparel, key chains, drinkware, holiday cards, and TONSSSSS more!
Want to know how you cash in on this awesome deal?!?!
Once you’ve ordered your prints and goodies, print out or snap a photo of your confirmation screen and send it to! You’ll then recieve an email with the details regarding your purchase and your 10% back!
Birthdays only come ONCE a year so PLEASE don’t miss out on this opportunity!
Still have questions on how this deal works? Feel free to contact me!