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The Real Life 24!

Hey guys! I’m so super excited & blessed b/c as of 12:01am, it is my birthday!!!! I had a BLAST this weekend in Charlotte,NC spending quality time with my parents and 2 of my good friends Drew Chambers & Sam Pounds! Drew sang the National Anthem for the NY Knicks/Charlotte Bobcats NBA game this past Thursday (and blew it out I might I got some awesome photos, went thrifting for some awesome pieces! Had great food, danced with a mariachi band, and I even had time to make a few networking contacts! Here are some photos from this weekend!

Hope everyone has a great day & an awesome week!

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Go Joc, its Yo Burfday!!

It’s my birthday weekend guys!!!!!! I’ll be in Charlotte, NC hanging with loved ones and knocking out a few test shoots with music artists Drew Chambers and Sam Harmonix! When you can mix friend time, music time, and photo time…it all adds up to one really fun time! 

Tomorrow I’ll be at the NY Knicks vs. Bobcats game to support Drew who will be singing the National Anthem (yayyy). Since you guys probably won’t have your awesome faces in the place — here is a little snippet of what you could expect to hear from Drew!




Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week and be on the lookout for sneak peeks and updates!!

Peace & Photos

❤ Joc

URGENT FYI for all potential [Joc’s Photography] Clients

To all potential [Joc’s Photography] clients, dates are NOT officially reserved or booked until deposit is paid. Email for any questions or further inquiries. Thanks a bunch! ❤

IN OTHER NEWS::: May 2012 is fully booked. Now booking June 2012 

Official [Joc’s Photography] Website:

Adeea Rogers –Au Natural Shoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a family friend who has awesomely natural hair — she even endorses a natural hair company and participates in holding Natural Hair Expos each year!

She works at my undergrad alma mater so it’s “office woman hat” day in and day out!  She expressed that she wanted a concept that would show her fun spirit and highlight her natural hair —after working all week in a “suit & tie” office setting, stuffy is the LAST thing she wanted to go for!

She wore multiple looks and each one was fabulous in its own right! Check out a behind the scenes look via this photo that my assistant for the day (Jennifer Bynum) snapped. ❤

Lavett Maternity Shoot —Definitely On Time!

Hey guys! So last week I was super excited about shooting my friend Howard and his fiance Celisa, but also about shooting the maternity photos for a life time friend who I haven’t seen in years –Lavett!

She originally wasn’t due until next month sometime, but after having a few false alarms, we felt that we should move her shoot date up a few weeks (just to be sure). SOOOO GLAD WE DID! She went in to labor earlier this morning and THAT my friends is what you call ON TIME!

Here are a couple of sneak peek edits from her shoot! She’s a model as well so it was so easy breezy! =)

Chilli in Fit Figures – awesome photography by Calvin Evans

Chilli in Fit Figures – awesome photography by Calvin Evans

SOOOO in a recent issue of Fit Figures, Chilli (the ‘C’ from TLC) is featured on the cover and looking mighty ‘fit’ for lack of better explaination! She is 41 yeras old & her body looks better than mine does right now …and I havent even hit 25 yet!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE photographer Calvin Evans & his work! You can clearly tell he is not only a great photographer, but is a great person to work with & be around on any day! Check out the article for yourself!


Howard and Celisa – Sneak Peek #2

SO the engagment shoot I shot this past weekend for Howard & Celisa was TOO cute not to post another photo! Just to remind you guys [Joc’s Photography] not only sells prints, but photo goodies such as apparel (t shirts), drinkware (mugs, glasses), greeting cards, magnets, and SO MUCH MORE!

Here is a Save-The-Date I designed with photos from the shoot to show you guys!

Check it out & let me know —how cute is this!?!

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No Gray – Jonathan McReynolds

There is an AWESOME Christian artist on the rise by the name of Jonathan McReynolds and I think it’s safe to say he’s the El Debarge of Gospel. haha
Anywho, I know this has virtually NOTHING to do with photography, I just thought I’d post a YouTube of me singing on of my fav McReynolds songs.

Sneak Peek — Howard & Celisa Engagment Shoot

OHHHHHHHHH I had a blast shooting this wonderful couple! It was super easy to capture the natural love they have –hence the natural theme of their engagment shoot!

Smiles, giggles, kisses, hugs — all add up to love! Here is a sneak peek of one of the edits from their shoot!

(couldn’t wait lol)


Engagement & Mommy Shoot This Weekend! Love & Life!

This week has been SO tiring and full of stress outs (from work, editing, etc). I’m working on a wedding from last weekend, but now that another weekend is here I can take a break, get out and have a little fun. =)

This weekend I’ll have the pleasure of shooting engagment photos for this awesome couple, my friend Howard and his fiance Celisa. I’ve known Howard since elementary school and was so super psyched when he asked me a few months ago to take photos of his proposal to Celisa. And you can REALLY imagine my excitement when I was asked to do their engagment and wedding photos as well! –being able to take part in the timeline of their love story is so beautiful!

Here are some photos from Howard’s proposal to Celisa at their early morning church service!

Also this weekend I get to take maternity photos for a lifetime friend!  Our parents worked together throughout the 90s and even though we only get time to check in on eachother every-now-and-again, Lavett and I still have a “sisterly” bond….just a long distance one. haha

I know my weekend is going to be a very busy one, but anytime you can incorporate friends, work becomes play!

Happy weekend! ❤