Engagement & Mommy Shoot This Weekend! Love & Life!

This week has been SO tiring and full of stress outs (from work, editing, etc). I’m working on a wedding from last weekend, but now that another weekend is here I can take a break, get out and have a little fun. =)

This weekend I’ll have the pleasure of shooting engagment photos for this awesome couple, my friend Howard and his fiance Celisa. I’ve known Howard since elementary school and was so super psyched when he asked me a few months ago to take photos of his proposal to Celisa. And you can REALLY imagine my excitement when I was asked to do their engagment and wedding photos as well! –being able to take part in the timeline of their love story is so beautiful!

Here are some photos from Howard’s proposal to Celisa at their early morning church service!

Also this weekend I get to take maternity photos for a lifetime friend!  Our parents worked together throughout the 90s and even though we only get time to check in on eachother every-now-and-again, Lavett and I still have a “sisterly” bond….just a long distance one. haha

I know my weekend is going to be a very busy one, but anytime you can incorporate friends, work becomes play!

Happy weekend! ❤


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