Go Joc, its Yo Burfday!!

It’s my birthday weekend guys!!!!!! I’ll be in Charlotte, NC hanging with loved ones and knocking out a few test shoots with music artists Drew Chambers and Sam Harmonix! When you can mix friend time, music time, and photo time…it all adds up to one really fun time! 

Tomorrow I’ll be at the NY Knicks vs. Bobcats game to support Drew who will be singing the National Anthem (yayyy). Since you guys probably won’t have your awesome faces in the place — here is a little snippet of what you could expect to hear from Drew!

[DRUNK ON LOVE COVER]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipHhVEiWEVw&list=UUCLd_deeJdEiE6FhpK9SD_A&index=4&feature=plcp

[OFFICIAL WEBSITE – DREW CHAMBERS]: www.drewchambersonline.com


Hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week and be on the lookout for sneak peeks and updates!!

Peace & Photos

❤ Joc


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