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Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres Martha!

Everytime I see this girl in an editorial or fashion show a little person inside of me does cartwheels! The gorgeous model you see here is Martha Hunt! We’re from the same hometown, the same school– the only difference is she’s ACTUALLY seriously living out her dream in totality!  Back in highschool Martha left to go upstate & get into modeling — and boy did it work out for her! She’s been in so many campaigns my mind is in overload!

I feel like I’m ALWAYS SAYING THIS, but I honestly do get excited for my peers when they take steps to make a living out of whatever it is they desire to do! I mean come on; who ACTUALLY dreams of working every day of your life at a job that you have absolutely NO insterest in?!?!? (if you HAVE to, then that’s understandable) So anytime I see one of my friends or acquaintances doing something awesome I promote the heck out of them! I mean come on, there is honestly nothing like having someone from WHERE YOU’RE FROM promote you & give you a pat on the back.

Any who, enough rambling, saw Martha in this editorial for Elle UK June 2012 that was shot by Enrique Badulescu. Enjoy the photos & let’s all give a “whoop whoop” for Martha — keep working that camera girl! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF ELLE UK]


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Sneak Peek of Track off of “THE GAME CHANGER” Mixtape from Drew Chambers

SEE that’s how you know who your friends are. lol The ONE song on the mixtape that I decided is my fav and BAM here it is posted on Drew’s Youtube page! Check it out and you’ll know why it’s my favorite! :

…what I tell ya?! CRAZY right?! #cruisinmusic

– Joc

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Hey guys! All month I’ve been giving you FIRST LOOK peeks of photos from my shoot with music artist Drew Chambers last month! This morning he officially released his much anticipated mixtape “The Game Changer”! You can download it absolutely for FREE on his website !

Being a lover of good music and all things up beat — I can personally vouch that I have downloaded it on just about every computer I own AND I have “Crazy” on repeat! If you had to pick an album/mixtape that was perfect for your life’s soundtrack THIS would be it! There are inspirational songs, sad songs, chill songs, road trips songs, love songs, and every song in between! It takes me back to the days when I was in high school and every major event that happened in my life had a song tied to it!

Don’t just take my rambling word for it — go to and download it for yourself! You’ll thank me and to make it easy, I DO accept payment in “thank yous”, “hugs”, and “Trident Layers Gum” !

Peace & photos!

…and for being such dolls, if you promise me that you’ll check Drew out, I’ll give some behind the scenes from our shoot! Check out the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website to see all of the official promos from my shoot with this wonderful friend!

Hi. My name is Joc and my weekend was __________.

Hey guys! This past weekend was one of those weekends that was as close to being perfect as possible! I was able to gig, spend family AND friend time ALL in 2 days!

As I told you before, this past Saturday I had a gig as photographer for the first ever National Natural Hair Meetup Day after being hired by it’s founder (and family friend) Adeea Rogers! A lot of people don’t know this but I have secretly wanted to go natural for the past year & a half but I’ve never collected enough discipline to rock a healthy, cool style! I must say that after being in the midst of this natural hair event I have decided to wait even longer to decide! haha There is SO much work that goes into keeping up & rocking a healthy natural style — kudos to all the beautiful ladies who rocked theirs!

Any woman OR man who has transitioned into the “natural” lifestyle, you MUST put on your calendar to attend the next meetup day! Check out the official NNHMD website to keep up with news & what’s going on!

Also I’ve submitted some of the photos from the event to be published by a major magazine so you guys be praying for me! ❤ In the meantime here are some photos from the day for you to check out!

Enjoy! ❤

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HEY guys! I hope you are enjoying all the inside goodness behind the lens and life of….well me! Don’t forget to [LIKE] Joc’s Photography on Facebook in order to be updated on the next inside scoop! Who knows, there may be some coupon codes on shoot orders & photo goodies **wink wink **!/pages/Jocs-Photography/62530025423

Peach & Photos,



Drew Chamber Promo Shoot SNEAK PEEK #2

Drew Chamber Promo Shoot SNEAK PEEK #2

Music Artist Drew Chambers

Drew Chambers — Promo Shoot

Hey guys! As promised I’m giving you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of a promo shot I did for Music Artist: Drew Chambers! Next week, this amazingggggggggg talent will be officially releasing his 1st mixtape! (cue the screaming fans)

Drew has been recieving tons of nods via his YouTube page: . He’s gotten millions of followers and gagillions of views on his covers of some of the music industry’s key voices! He’s released some of his original music, but nothing like the amazement that’s expected to be on his mixtape! Don’t let the country twang fool you!! — Drew’s voice reaches far more than one would ever expect! He easily smashes mainstream pop, bringing a soulful depth to melodies — and he straight up MURDERS R & B !

So on next Tuesday, May 22, 2012 — make sure you go to his website: and download his mixtape “The Game Changer”! AND you want to make sure you stay tuned for another [Joc’s Photography] sneak peek! Yay!

## StreeT EtiquettE ##

For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been seeing photos of these 2 outrageously fashionable guys circulating around my Tumblr feed ( to check/follow my personal blog click: ) . In my mind I’d always scream — I need them in my lifeeeeee! They have ‘double-handedly’ transformed urban fashion as it relates to African American males. Being more keen to the ‘oddities’ of life myself, I digested the photos of these gentleman as refreshing hints of tang , speaking up in a muddled course of t-shirts, baggy jeans, and fitteds.

Everytime I’d see them I’d think, “MAN, next time I head up state I’m gonna try to track these guys down!” To my surprise, thanks to a photographer colleague, I’ve found that these guys ACTUALLY have a blog and aren’t some random New York folks who just so happeend to have great style!

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, both of the Bronx,N.Y., are the founders of the blog Street Etiquette. Now my week is a little brighter because I don’t have to wait until someone reblogs one of their photos on Tumblr — I can see fashion at it’s most unique any day of the week! Do yourself a favor guys & gals — check these young fellas out! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF STREET ETIQUETTE BLOG AND GOOGLE]

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National Natural Hair Meet Up Day – North Carolina

Hey guys! I’m getting pumped because this weekened I’ve been booked as photographer for the National Natural Hair Meet Up Day being held in Greenville, NC! The NNHMD is held thoughout the country in different cities and fortunately one of the dates takes place here in NORTH CAROLINA — woooooo!

I was fortunate enough to have a personal shoot with Natural Hair Blogger Adeea Rogers who just so happened to be the jewel that booked me for this amazing event! Tons of African American women & girls have NO idea about how much goes into keeping up a ‘natural look’. It’s more than getting up, brushing your teeth, going to work, then going to sleep — it takes work, trial-and-error, and dedication to rock HEALTHY natural hair!

If you’re a ‘natural woman’ who is interested in meeting up with and having an awesome time with other ‘natural women’ you definitely want to attend this event! It’s not too late — here is a link to the website — HURRY! 

In the meantime, take a look at some of the shots from Adeea’s shoot!

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RADIATE : Organic

I know this virtually has NOTHING to do with photography — but it IS something going on in my life. So there. =)

This weekend I will be attending a conference all about & for women at NBCC in Wilson, NC. Last night was the kick off and I snapped a few photos (I guess that’s a ‘duh joc’ moment). Anyway, the theme of this years’ Women’s Conference is RADIATE : Organic — getting back to the real you; no additives or preservatives. As a woman, that is DEFINITELY a good thing to do! Since the theme was “organic”, everything around the church was decorated with organic bark, plants, old timey-bike set ups and much more! Take a look for yourselves!

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