Drew Chambers — Promo Shoot

Hey guys! As promised I’m giving you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of a promo shot I did for Music Artist: Drew Chambers! Next week, this amazingggggggggg talent will be officially releasing his 1st mixtape! (cue the screaming fans)

Drew has been recieving tons of nods via his YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/dchamberd . He’s gotten millions of followers and gagillions of views on his covers of some of the music industry’s key voices! He’s released some of his original music, but nothing like the amazement that’s expected to be on his mixtape! Don’t let the country twang fool you!! — Drew’s voice reaches far more than one would ever expect! He easily smashes mainstream pop, bringing a soulful depth to melodies — and he straight up MURDERS R & B !

So on next Tuesday, May 22, 2012 — make sure you go to his website:  http://www.drewchambersonline.com/ and download his mixtape “The Game Changer”! AND you want to make sure you stay tuned for another [Joc’s Photography] sneak peek! Yay!


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