Hey guys! All month I’ve been giving you FIRST LOOK peeks of photos from my shoot with music artist Drew Chambers last month! This morning he officially released his much anticipated mixtape “The Game Changer”! You can download it absolutely for FREE on his website !

Being a lover of good music and all things up beat — I can personally vouch that I have downloaded it on just about every computer I own AND I have “Crazy” on repeat! If you had to pick an album/mixtape that was perfect for your life’s soundtrack THIS would be it! There are inspirational songs, sad songs, chill songs, road trips songs, love songs, and every song in between! It takes me back to the days when I was in high school and every major event that happened in my life had a song tied to it!

Don’t just take my rambling word for it — go to and download it for yourself! You’ll thank me and to make it easy, I DO accept payment in “thank yous”, “hugs”, and “Trident Layers Gum” !

Peace & photos!

…and for being such dolls, if you promise me that you’ll check Drew out, I’ll give some behind the scenes from our shoot! Check out the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website to see all of the official promos from my shoot with this wonderful friend!


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