Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrres Martha!

Everytime I see this girl in an editorial or fashion show a little person inside of me does cartwheels! The gorgeous model you see here is Martha Hunt! We’re from the same hometown, the same school– the only difference is she’s ACTUALLY seriously living out her dream in totality!  Back in highschool Martha left to go upstate & get into modeling — and boy did it work out for her! She’s been in so many campaigns my mind is in overload!

I feel like I’m ALWAYS SAYING THIS, but I honestly do get excited for my peers when they take steps to make a living out of whatever it is they desire to do! I mean come on; who ACTUALLY dreams of working every day of your life at a job that you have absolutely NO insterest in?!?!? (if you HAVE to, then that’s understandable) So anytime I see one of my friends or acquaintances doing something awesome I promote the heck out of them! I mean come on, there is honestly nothing like having someone from WHERE YOU’RE FROM promote you & give you a pat on the back.

Any who, enough rambling, saw Martha in this editorial for Elle UK June 2012 that was shot by Enrique Badulescu. Enjoy the photos & let’s all give a “whoop whoop” for Martha — keep working that camera girl! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF ELLE UK]


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