Louis V and Mr. Ali

So I was perusing the fashion files and came across the newest (and sure to be classic) Louis Vuitton ad for their upcoming ‘Core Values’ campaign! Guess who it’s starring?…Muhummad Ali and one of his adorable grandsons! [ PHOTO COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON]

I think that this is perhaps the greatest idea this company has had in awhile! LV is a French company so you can always expect suave, milky, luxe to glide off the page; but for them to enlist such an iconic person of color as the face of their company — tops the cake!

For those of you who have been living in a monastary or a convent for the past century, Muhummad Ali is perhaps one of the greatest and most classic figures of our time. Not only because he was a boxing champ, but for his borderline haughty attitude and the punch he packed to back it up!

Though time has passed and he has suffered health setbacks in recent decades (due to his boxing history), Muhummad is a power packed symbol of ‘core value’ luxury (in my opinion). He strove to be the best as his craft. He strove to provide the best for his family. And it appears he still strives to teach his decendents to be the best as well.

Hats off to Louis Vuitton marketing and Muhummad Ali for accepting!

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