Laquan Smith — Robotic Dream — Fall 2012

Seriously folks, I can NOT take any more genius from fashion designer Laquan Smith! I have been following him since 2010 and it seems like in a blink of an eye, he is cranking out new work that it takes some designers 20 years to create! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF LAQUAN SMITH AND GOOGLE]

Over the past 2 years you may have seen Laquan’s work on some of your favs — Rihanna (Rude Boy video), Raven Symone, Mogul Tyra Banks, Cassie, Victoria Secret Model Selita Ebanks, Lady Gaga, Glee Actress Amber Riley, and leading lady Paula Patton! (whew let me catch my breath). HOWEVER, most of the ‘everyday’ world started catching notice this year when his work was shown on BET’s Rip The Runway 2012. Each of his collections have a distinct difference between them, however they still collectively scream — LAQUAN! LAQUAN! LAQUAN!

His newest collection “Robotic Dream” / “Eclipse” Fall/Holiday 2012 is definitely the bees knees and frankly — who has time to wait for fall — some of these pieces need to be rocked NOW! Smith’s Jolly Rancher pieces from his “Robotic Dream” Collection make you feel as though you’ve been sucked into a time warp and transcended back to the 80s — but you brought along Judy Jetson for the ride! (see below)

Everyone who is anyone should definitely keep an ear to the fashion circut and save up for your Laquan Smith piece! Speaking from a photographer’s POV, these fashions are a camera’s dream come true! – Joc

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