A Bittersweet Day in Pirate History

As some of you may or may not know, I am a proud alumni of East Carolina University (also known as Pirate Nation). During my 4 years at ECU, I experienced life like I never imagined and met people that I’ll never forget. We Pirates bleed “Purple and Gold” and have SO much pride in our ever present force in the college football arena. One thing we also have pride in is our support for one another.

In early April of this year, one of my former class mates (and Pirate Football player) Spencer Hampton, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. He was only weeks away from getting married when he found out. However, despite all the odds stacked up against him, he married his fiance on the very date they set out to be married.

The city of Greenville and other Pirate fans hosted rallys and fundraisers to raise money for Spencer’s treatment, and his former football teammates supported him every step of the way. Prayers were lifted, encouragement was given; however, early this morning Spencer passed away.

It’s ‘bittersweet’ because while it’s definitely a sad time when someone loses their life, you know that they aren’t suffering from their earthly diseases anymore. I wanted to post this to solicit your prayers for Spencer’s family, his wife of 2 months, his teammates, and all of the Pirate Family.

After he walked onto the team our freshman year, Spencer’s saying was “Against All Odds” — and that statement rang true that even though he lived a short time on this earth, his impact on everyone around him was a major one.  “Against all odds” he pushed through his pain, struggles, and pushed on.


Click the link above to get to know a little more about Spencer and his story.

Peace and photos, Joc

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