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Where’s BoyzIIMen When You Need Them? I Need To Wish My Mama Happy Birthday!!

Today is a great day in my family because as of 12:01am, it is officially my mom’s birthday! Yayyyyy (throws confetti around the room)

My mom is literally the sweetest, meekest, kindest, nurturer in the history of the world — mmmm well besides Jesus’ mother Mary. haha She’s always been there with a shoulder whenever I needed her and even when she was told by doctors at my birth that I would be disabled and never know who she was, she didn’t care — she turned on her smile, and pushed through! So glad she did, then I wouldn’t be here to share wonderful photo experiences with you all!!

So in honor of my wonderful mother, here is a photo of when we met for the first time — as well as her favorite Spice Girls song. ❤


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Joc is on Experience.Com — Professional Feature!!

Hey guys! I’m so super deeeeee duper excited because I was given a professional feature spotlight on! Experience is an online community dedicated to helping undergrad and graduate students find their place in the world through job searches, tips and inside help on various careers, direct contact with potential employers , internship opportunities, and loads of trade secrets to help grads find the perfect career!

Since I used Experience throughout my undergrad experience, they’ve reached out and have chosen to feature me, as well as 3 others, as a sort of  “testimonial” — to help show the kids currently using their services, that can really help you find your passion!

I am pleased to direct you to the link so you can check me out! Be sure to check out my information below my feature while you’re at it!

———————————> Meet Joc <——————————

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Have You Ever Seen a 20 Year Old Look 60? — You Have Now!

While perusing the world wide web, I came across this very interesting ‘experiment’. With the help of awesome photography lighting, a skilled 20 yr old model, AND bomb makeup artists — you can see how 1 girl shoots her way through 6 decades of life! Enjoy. ❤

Through The Decades

This beautiful 20 year old model poses through the decades. She poses as if she was 10 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, and 60 years old.
This would not be possible if it weren’t for the amazing team of make up artists, hair stylists, and of course the different lighting techniques.
Vogue Paris November 2008 with Eniko Mihalik by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin styled by Carine Roitfeld, make-up by Lisa Butler.

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New Collaboration with Producer/Artist Gregory Cox!

As you all should know by now I LOVE LOVE LOVE to support my friends when it comes to following their dreams — and today is no exception! Earlier this month I had the awesome pleasure of collaborating with my love Gregory Cox on the release of his EP “The Last Start”!

Greg is a funky kind of soul — but still likes the classic vibe of things. Therefore, we spent an entire day shooting for the perfect album art work. I lie to you not, we shot at about 4 or 5 different locations, but didn’t feel that “WOW” feeling until the VERY LAST LOCATION!!! After going through and editing the film, we decided that literally the next to the last photo I took was the perfect album cover! GO FIGURE!!! I know we’re friends because I walked away from shooting tired, sweaty, and I still can say that I had fun!!!

Soooooooo (** drumroll please **) make sure you download the EP people “The Last Start” – Gregory Cox and check out my photography work!

And if you’re STILL saying to yourself “mmmm I dunno; is this guy REALLY worth checking out” — know that Greg was a contestant on P.Diddy’s “MAKING HIS BANDPLUS the download is FREE. So there’s your push over the edge! ❤

Peace & Photos!

Also check out the videos he released as well! —->


Nikon Has Broken The Android Powered Mold!

[Published by Sam Mallory]

Nikon has just announced the new COOLPIX S800c, a 16MP point-and-shoot digital camera powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. It enables you to shoot pictures and Full HD video easily, share your creations through Wi-Fi, and it transforms your camera into a smart device so you can browse the Web, check your email and social networks and take your pick from Google Play’s thousands of available apps.

Equipped with a 10x optical zoom 4.5-45mm (25-250mm 35mm equivalent) f/3.2-5.8 NIKKOR ED glass lens and a 3.5” 819k OLED touch screen, the S800c features everything you would expect in a well-rounded point-and-shoot camera, having the added benefit of an incredibly powerful mobile OS and wireless connectivity. With all of Nikon’s imaging power and features like optical VR image stabilization, subject tracking and high ISO sensitivity, the COOLPIX S800c has everything that smart phones and tablets lack.

A built-in GPS chip on the S800c records latitude and longitude, so you can pinpoint the location where each photo was made, and in-camera effects can be added to stills and video for a more creative touch. A world of photo-related apps is at your disposal as well, going beyond applying filters like the ones found in popular programs like Instagram and Hipstamatic. There are scores of apps that add advanced capabilities for creating panoramic images, time lapses, HDR photos and more. There are also apps that use location data to calculate accurate sunrise, sunset and golden-hour times, so you know when you’ll have the best light in which to shoot. Innovative new photo apps are being introduced all the time, and the S800c lets you take advantage of them in low light with its backside illuminated CMOS sensor and optical zoom.

An SD/SDHC memory card slot handles media storage, but you could always email photos or upload them directly to Facebook when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot or when tethered to a mobile device or a computer. Unlike many of today’s gadgets, when you run out of power in the field, you can just pop in another EN-EL12 rechargeable Li-ion battery. The high resolution OLED touch screen with anti-reflection coating handles many of the cameras controls, and it allows you to view your pictures and videos and those that you discover online, in crisp detail. The new COOLPIX S800c is available in either black or white, and it may challenge your notion of what a camera can do.

Wedding Season has ARRIVED!!!!!!!! (insert woosah here)

So the time I’ve been silently gearing up for all year is now upon me (dun dun dunnnnnn) — FALL WEDDING SEASON! The heat has subsided and the breeze is slowly making it’s way in; all of this making for a perfect wedding! I will be shooting weddings every week in September and a few towards the end of the year.  ANYONE who is a photographer knows the heavy duty load I’ve taken on! But no sweat my pets, Joc has got it under control!

I’m excited to kick off my first 2 weddings Labor Day Weekend (next week) and I’ve finalized getting my things together! Since weddings are a totally different ‘monster’ to tackle than editorial or portrait photography I REALLY appreciate you guys for being understanding in why I’m only booking LIMITED WEEKENDS for OCTOBER 2012! You are SO awesomely amazing!

So in the meantime while you’re looking at your schedules, and deciding on which weekend you want to book your shoot, make sure you check out BRAND SPANKIN NEW photos on the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website!

Peace & Photos guys!


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Derek Blanks + Essence Mag + Gabby Douglas = GOLD!

So you all can only IMAGINE how hyped I was to hear that one of my photographer idols Derek Blanks had the honor of shooting Olympic gold-star Gabby Douglas! I am honestly SO eager to check out how awesome the photos turned out in the next issue of Essence Magazine! In honor of all things photography and beauty, here is a “behind the scenes” look into the shoot!!

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Women of Worth: Unstoppable Woman

This weekend I got a WONDERFUL and rare time to spend with a few friends where I had the pleasure of learning and enjoying music from Pastor Paula White, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Kelly Price, Vashawn Mitchell, Latrice Pace, Maurette Brown Clark, and Pastor Rosa Herman! Check out some personal photos I took from my seat!! — excuse the lower quality, I took these with my old regular point-and-shoot guys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Keep Dreamin’ On!

I truly love photography with all my heart and will continue to do it regardless of what scale I’m on! What’s something YOU absolutely have a passion for? Make sure you keep at it, pay no mind to how BIG or SMALL it may seem!
– Joc
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Gregory Cox Album Artwork — EP! 8/5/12

I always love when I can mix photography and friends! Tonight at 12:01am (8/5/2012) my good friend Gregory Cox is releasing his latest EP — which features photography album artwork by ME! ( cues the Joc’s Photography theme song )

Check out the first video released earlier today for the EP!


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