Wedding Season has ARRIVED!!!!!!!! (insert woosah here)

So the time I’ve been silently gearing up for all year is now upon me (dun dun dunnnnnn) — FALL WEDDING SEASON! The heat has subsided and the breeze is slowly making it’s way in; all of this making for a perfect wedding! I will be shooting weddings every week in September and a few towards the end of the year.  ANYONE who is a photographer knows the heavy duty load I’ve taken on! But no sweat my pets, Joc has got it under control!

I’m excited to kick off my first 2 weddings Labor Day Weekend (next week) and I’ve finalized getting my things together! Since weddings are a totally different ‘monster’ to tackle than editorial or portrait photography I REALLY appreciate you guys for being understanding in why I’m only booking LIMITED WEEKENDS for OCTOBER 2012! You are SO awesomely amazing!

So in the meantime while you’re looking at your schedules, and deciding on which weekend you want to book your shoot, make sure you check out BRAND SPANKIN NEW photos on the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website!

Peace & Photos guys!


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