New Collaboration with Producer/Artist Gregory Cox!

As you all should know by now I LOVE LOVE LOVE to support my friends when it comes to following their dreams — and today is no exception! Earlier this month I had the awesome pleasure of collaborating with my love Gregory Cox on the release of his EP “The Last Start”!

Greg is a funky kind of soul — but still likes the classic vibe of things. Therefore, we spent an entire day shooting for the perfect album art work. I lie to you not, we shot at about 4 or 5 different locations, but didn’t feel that “WOW” feeling until the VERY LAST LOCATION!!! After going through and editing the film, we decided that literally the next to the last photo I took was the perfect album cover! GO FIGURE!!! I know we’re friends because I walked away from shooting tired, sweaty, and I still can say that I had fun!!!

Soooooooo (** drumroll please **) make sure you download the EP people “The Last Start” – Gregory Cox and check out my photography work!

And if you’re STILL saying to yourself “mmmm I dunno; is this guy REALLY worth checking out” — know that Greg was a contestant on P.Diddy’s “MAKING HIS BANDPLUS the download is FREE. So there’s your push over the edge! ❤

Peace & Photos!

Also check out the videos he released as well! —->



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