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Hey guys! I’ve been so busy this past week trying to put a dent in the edits for my [Wedding Mania] clients! I didn’t want to forget to update you on what’s been going on, so I’m giving you a FIRST LOOK peek into the edits from the Sparrow and Artis Weddings!

Check out the Official Facebook Page of [Joc’s Photography] to peep them out!!/pages/Jocs-Photography/62530025423 

Until then………

Peace & photos.


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WOW What a WEEK!! — Movie Stars and The White House

Last night I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak in person! The whole event was “hush hush” until 2 days before she came (due to limited seating) , but since the event was held at my alma mater of East Carolina University; I had an inside tip! I was DETERMINED to not miss this opportunity!

We waited in the rain for 2 hours before we were able to get in, but it was worth every bit of it! We ALSO had to leave all of our stuff in the car (thanks to top flight security. lol) so between my friends and I, here are the phone shots we got!

Lady Obama started EARLY which caught EVERYONE off guard — especially those who took a bathroom break. haha Mrs. Obama is poised and literally spoke for almost 30 minutes with NO PROMPTER! I was blown away! And she spoke on the importance of voting, registering to vote, and how much each person’s vote truly matters. The FLOTUS informed us last night that during the last presidential election, President Obama won North Carolina by only 5 votes difference per precinct. SO VOTING IS DEFINITELY CRUCIAL! The entire night was pure magic & it felt good that I can now tell my children and grandchildren, “Yes, when I was a young woman, I went to hear the First Lady of the United States speak!”

And to top it all off, Denzel Washington was in this months issue of GQ Magazine so you can pretty much say WEEKEND WAS OFFICIALLY MADE!! ❤

Peace & Photos,


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Wedding Mania Week 3 & 4 – Green Wedding

This weekend was by far the most hectic of the entire stint of [WEDDING MANIA]! Nevertheless I always enjoy myself when I get to do what I love! Check out photos from my weekend with The Greens!

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And You Think YOUR Life Is a Blur…

Hola!!! I’m kind of at a bittersweet moment writing this post because [WEDDING MANIA] is already almost halfway over! These first 3 weddings have been adventures in their own right — but all worth the destination (which is beautiful photo product)!

The wedding of my good friends (the new) Howard and Celisa Artis was the perfect continuation of all the love I’ve been blessed to capture this month! Howard and I go WAYYYYYYYYY(yyyyyyyyy) back to elementary school and since we’re connected to some of the same friends — the wedding was like a family reunion more than anything!  You can say it was our version of “six degrees of separation”.  AND being that most of our friends are musical in some way, fashion, or form; it REALLY blew everyone away when Howard in collaboration with our friends Terrell, Thomas, and Ojilove wrote, composed, and produced all but 3 songs during the entire ceremony! IT WAS AMAZING!

Since all of this month has been going by so quickly, here are some photo moments commemorating these wonderful weddings!

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Wedding Mania Weekend #1

WEDDING MANIA!!!! I no longer breathe heavy when I hear this. haha My first two weddings were VERY busy, but all worth it! As I edit the photos each day, I get excited to see my brides’ faces!! I wanted to to give you guys a sneak peek into the fun that went on w/ these video clips!

Sparrow Wedding — what really happens after te reception. lol WEDDING #1

Hollins Wedding — First Dance

I’ll be posting some sneak peeks of the brides soon! Keep checking back!! ❤

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Rich Griffis — Graphic Designer Extraordinaire and Friend!

Hope you guys had an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!! I know I have! Besides kicking off [WEDDING MANIA], I got to spend some time with family and have a lunch date with my “artistic partner in crime” Rich Griffis. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; I LOVE supporting my friends and since Rich and I have been friends since college…hey, why not add him to the bunch?! haha

I remember working our very first project together — a 13 month calendar featuring the eligible students (**cough** eye candy) on campus that we sold right there on the brick yard!

We’ve worked together ever since! He’s collaborated with me on many big photo campaigns and besides all of that, he’s just the bomb! He is literally a genius at what he does! If you don’t believe me, check this:

– who else do you know can get hired literally the day of his graduation?

– who else do you know designed every inch of promotion material for this years’ CIAA [ 2013]?

– who else do you know who has worked on projects with contributors to the Democratic National Convention 2012?

— if you answered anything besides “noone”, then you’re living in an alternate universe!

I am so thankful God has placed us together. He is an awesome talent, but even more than that he is an incredible friend and I am glad that I have him as my creative [other half].

Rich Griffis everyone…Rich Griffis!



Beach Vacay 2012

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