Rich Griffis — Graphic Designer Extraordinaire and Friend!

Hope you guys had an AWESOME Labor Day weekend!! I know I have! Besides kicking off [WEDDING MANIA], I got to spend some time with family and have a lunch date with my “artistic partner in crime” Rich Griffis. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; I LOVE supporting my friends and since Rich and I have been friends since college…hey, why not add him to the bunch?! haha

I remember working our very first project together — a 13 month calendar featuring the eligible students (**cough** eye candy) on campus that we sold right there on the brick yard!

We’ve worked together ever since! He’s collaborated with me on many big photo campaigns and besides all of that, he’s just the bomb! He is literally a genius at what he does! If you don’t believe me, check this:

– who else do you know can get hired literally the day of his graduation?

– who else do you know designed every inch of promotion material for this years’ CIAA [ 2013]?

– who else do you know who has worked on projects with contributors to the Democratic National Convention 2012?

— if you answered anything besides “noone”, then you’re living in an alternate universe!

I am so thankful God has placed us together. He is an awesome talent, but even more than that he is an incredible friend and I am glad that I have him as my creative [other half].

Rich Griffis everyone…Rich Griffis!



Beach Vacay 2012

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One thought on “Rich Griffis — Graphic Designer Extraordinaire and Friend!

  1. richgriffis says:

    This means so much Joc! I’m telling you, God has something big for us; I know it! As long as we keep him Numero Uno in our lives, we can NEVER go wrong. Thanks for the support ❤

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