WOW What a WEEK!! — Movie Stars and The White House

Last night I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak in person! The whole event was “hush hush” until 2 days before she came (due to limited seating) , but since the event was held at my alma mater of East Carolina University; I had an inside tip! I was DETERMINED to not miss this opportunity!

We waited in the rain for 2 hours before we were able to get in, but it was worth every bit of it! We ALSO had to leave all of our stuff in the car (thanks to top flight security. lol) so between my friends and I, here are the phone shots we got!

Lady Obama started EARLY which caught EVERYONE off guard — especially those who took a bathroom break. haha Mrs. Obama is poised and literally spoke for almost 30 minutes with NO PROMPTER! I was blown away! And she spoke on the importance of voting, registering to vote, and how much each person’s vote truly matters. The FLOTUS informed us last night that during the last presidential election, President Obama won North Carolina by only 5 votes difference per precinct. SO VOTING IS DEFINITELY CRUCIAL! The entire night was pure magic & it felt good that I can now tell my children and grandchildren, “Yes, when I was a young woman, I went to hear the First Lady of the United States speak!”

And to top it all off, Denzel Washington was in this months issue of GQ Magazine so you can pretty much say WEEKEND WAS OFFICIALLY MADE!! ❤

Peace & Photos,


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