Our Success Magazine — New Gig, New Feature!

I have been holding this in for about a month and 1/2 but now I can announce that I am now a photog contributor/photojournalist for OUR SUCCESS MAGAZINE This magazine is SO what is needed in my hometown area — a magazine that highlights successful individuals (moreso successful minorities) in North Carolina! You can easily pick up an issue of Time Magazine or Black Enterprise to read up on the latest inventors and trailblazers; but you rarely hear about the stories from North Carolina! Yes, we’re a small southern state, but there ARE successful people who live here too! 

When the Editor In Chief Gregory Hedgepeth contacted me I was so honored! This is the perfect opportunity to grow my photography and network while linking others together! After our initial call, my entire week was made. But a few weeks ago, Greg slapped a cherry on top of that good news when he asked how I felt about being featured as the magazine’s “Woman Of The Issue”! I wanted to jump through, the phone, shake him and scream YES! ( but I didnt ) I was excited not for the simple fact that a magazine wanted to highlight MY story, but hugely because it would allow me to contribute to a publication that’s close to home! It’s nice to be recognized by others in other states, but it’s something about advocating those right in your own neighborhood that really lights up your day!

So with that, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support not only me, but this magazine!

“How can I contribute Joc? I don’t have $30 a year to spend on a magazine!”

Well my dear friends, OUR SUCCESS MAGAZINE is a QUARTERLY publication (which means it issues every 3 months) AND it’s offered in Print AND Online!

DIGITAL ONLINE ISSUE: $3.00 //   PRINT ISSUE: $17 // — and if you purchase the print version, you’ll get access to the digital issue FREE!

Now how can you beat that folks?!?! — you can’t! So I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a billion gagillion more times — SUPPORT! Thanks!

Peace & Photos,


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