My Secret To SUCCESS !

I was so excited today because my October 2012 Issue of OUR SUCCESS MAGAZINE came in the mail!

“Why are you so excited Joc…it’s just a magazine right?”

I’m excited because other than being a photographer and contributor to this great mag, it also covers individuals and stories close to my heart! You always hear of people doing great things all over the world, but rarely do you hear stories from North Carolina! WELL my dear photo loving friends, other than cover major topics in entertainment and important news, this magazine takes CAREFUL steps to spotlight successful individuals in my home state!

How cool is that right!?!? I KNOW!! TOO COOL!


The magazine is a quarterly publication so you can get a years subscription for only $17!!!!!! Even crazier right!?! I KNOW!!!!

To see what you can expect from this October issue (featuring me and my view on success) visit Like what you see, go on and order your print or digital copy (for all you tablet, ipad, smart phoners)!

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One thought on “My Secret To SUCCESS !

  1. Ms. Joc thank you so much for the love and support. Also thank you for wanting to be a part of Our Success Magazine. We want to continue to inspire our minority community and let them know through stories just like yours, that they can be so much more then just the average and they can accomplish just as much as those that main stream media continue to uplift.

    Greg H.
    President & Editor-in-Chief

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