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The Word Is________. Now Can You Use It In A Sentence?

Tonight I am fresh in from a photo gig in my hometown! For the past 15 years, Wilson Education Partnership (in NC) has been putting on an Adult Spelling Bee where teams from different businesses and schools can register and donate money to the county education system. I think this is a really thoughtful and innovative way to give back to the community — the spelling part of the bee ties into the education part, but it’s also a time for the adults to let loose a bit and relive their school days once more.

Needless to say, it’s been awhile since ANY of us have spelled a good word or two. but I’m sure after tonight, we’ve picked up a few we didn’t know before. haha Here are some candids I snapped from the night! Enjoy!

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Thank you…thank you…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of mixing good ole church with photography! I was hired to photograph the good people of New Dimensions Church at their 5th Anniversary Good Shepherd Gala. I’ll upload more of the photos with a more detailed post but I got a rare opportunity to get photographed myself while setting up & testing my lighting for portraits. My right hand creative man Rich Griffis was my assistant for the evening and even though I didn’t get to dress up like I wanted, he was decked to impress! Check us out!!

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Wanna Get A FREE Album, FREE Music Video Access, and other FREE Drew Chambers Merchandise?!

Hey guys remember my good friend Drew Chambers (the awesome guy with blue-eyed soul)?! WELL he’s finally ready to record his DEBUT ALBUM “Catch 22” and is shooting 2 videos to go with his first 2 singles!

( above photos taken by photographer Jocelyn Drawhorn )

As all of us in the adult world know, it takes money to make money – Drew really needs your help with this EPIC project! Since he’s an independent artist and YouTube phenomenon, he needs a little backing from the fans, friends, & supporters!

SO here’s how you help get good music out to the masses –

#1 Visit the Official Link here:

#2 Pledge whatever amount you can. Each pledge amount can get you exclusive access to TONS of awesome Drew Chambers music, visuals, apparel & more!

If you pledge….you get… 

$10 FREE single “Catch 22” & the a free downloadable music video

$25 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release and BOTH of the downloadable music videos for the first singles “Catch 22” and “Medicine”

$50 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release, BOTH downloadable music videos, a “Catch 22” poster, and a “Catch 22” t-shirt

$100 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release, BOTH downloadable music videos, “Catch 22” poster, “Catch 22” t-shirt, AND signed hard copy of Drew’s first album “Catch 22”

$500 or more SIGNED hard copy of Drew’s first album “Catch 22” and a guitar personally signed by Drew Chambers

PRETTY COOL RIGHT!?! I know…I’m getting my pledge ready, so go ahead & make yours!

Be sure to let me know how much you pledge – I may have a photo surprise in store for


 STILL need convincing? Check out some of Drew’s covers and original songs!

Rihanna Diamonds Cover- DREW CHAMBERS

DREW CHAMBERS singing “Nighttime” ORIGNAL


Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had Cover – DREW CHAMBERS

– Peace & Photos, Joc

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Happy 11 Months London Marie!

Hey guys! I’ve been super busy this past month with deliveries and scheduling for the rest of the year; but I HAD to drop everything and let you know how excited I am that today, my goddaughter London is 11 months old! Next month she’ll be the BIG 0-1 ! Before her, I never knew that babies could TRULY have personalities, and even though she’s SO young, she has enough personality to fill the entire United States! haha

Take a look at some of the photos I snapped of her when her mom brought her up to visit me this past weekend!! PER-SON-A-LITY!

Peace & Photos ,


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