WAKE UP Mr. West….I See Those Flashing Lights!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you had what seemed like a GAGILLION things to do and not enough hours to do them in??? Well my friend, you know exactly how I felt this weekend.


All last week (my first full week back from vacay. sigh) I was helping my very good friend Andrea plan my goddaughter London’s VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Needless to say we had so many good ideas that got mumbled and jumbled and all tie-dyed together — we almost weren’t sure we were going to pull everything off. 77074_1641106593140_1266894403_n

On top of the helping plan the party, I had to play ‘catch up’ with photo shoot inquiries, editing, and deliveries — but the cherry on top was making sure I had everything in line for the Our Success Magazine Launch Event! As many of you already know, I have the pleasure of being added as a photog contributor to the mags roster. I was also featured as the October 2012 Woman of the Issue (yayyyy, still excited about that). ea8ae32472f33e499bbd4f10aa9ac7c2

REWIND TO FRIDAY, then FAST FORWARD an inch to Saturday. With my neice coming down for the birthday party, I ended up rushing out the door that night and arriving ‘fashionably late’ to the OSM event AND on top of that I had a slight dress malfunction!!! After pulling myself together and virtually tearing down the highway (…VIRTUALLY) I met up with my [creative half] & [artsy ace boon] Rich Griffis; who inadvertently became my escort for the night. haha

Needless to say, the Launch was a success (no pun intended) and between my goddaughter’s party Sunday and driving my neice back home, I was worn to the doggone bone (no rhyme intended)!! I AM proud of myself however seeing as how I just successfully completed an entire day of work today with only like 3 hours of good sleep! 399362_4076579958152_1410953866_n

But hey…that’s the sign of a good weekend right?!

Peace & photos. – Joc


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