We All [Choose]…

It feels like it’s been FOREVER and 26 days since I’ve posted!

Life has been very busy in these past few weeks, but still totally awesome! I’m booking my first few gigs of the new year and last week I received an email that I’ve been waiting several months for….but I’ll tell you guys about that in detail later! =)

In other news, I made my first photo delivery of 2013 this past weekend (sneak a peek below) which got me thinking of love and family. Love is SO beautiful and if you let it…it will find you and make you one of the happiest people in existence. But love doesn’t just happen. People don’t simply ‘fall’ in love. You don’t love your friends &  family out of the blue — we all CHOOSE to love. That’s what makes it so amazing!!! Think about it, if we were FORCED to ‘love’ someone; all the fun and meaning would be sucked right out of the experience! Photographing these clients and seeing how they were truly a loving family made me that much more honored to be able to capture that feeling on camera.

Candance + Keane Sauls Maternity

Last year, my awesome friend Gregory Cox released his EP “The Last Start” — one in which I had the pleasure of shooting the art work for — and one of my favorite songs on the album is titled “Choose”. It’s a lightly quirky, but funky record that speaks on love in the very same way I witnessed it in my client’s shoot. We all CHOOSE to love. ❤ Check it out and take this song into your week — CHOOSE to love.

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