All the Women who INDEPENDENT!!!

Guysssssssss!! So much has been going on this month I can hardly keep my head on straight! The hugest thing that’s happened to me so far is that after months of praying and hoping I’d get a chance — I finally got  a position as Contributing Editor for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network)!

What the heck is WEEN you may ask?!?

Well, WEEN is a network of women in the entertainment industry (with a focus on hip hop & minority culture) who want to change the negative perceptions of industry that may be floating around. “All women have beef” – “She’s only in that position because she hoed around” – “She’s fake and doesn’t share her success with other” — you know the same old, same old. Founded by 4 amazing women in entertainment, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, Sabrina Thompson, Lauren Lake, & Kristi Henderson (google them, seriously) who wanted to highlight the good and encourage empowerment rather than not.

So how does that include you Joc!? You’re not a singer or anything!

Though I may not be directly “IN” the entertainment industry, with this new position I’ve been blessed with, I get to interview and flex my writing chops by publishing weekly articles and pieces. In the months to come I’ll be able to interview hard working women such as Rocsi Diaz, Letoya Luckett, Angela Yee, Debra Lee…not to mention that I’ve already had to outrageous pleasure of putting out pieces on the founders of WEEN — which speaks volumes alone.

Where do I check out your work Joc and how often can I see it?

Each week at of my articles will be posted! It’s a different woman every week so check back each Monday! I also contribute by writing a “Hot Topic” piece every Thursday — pretty awesome if I may say so myself!

What does this mean for your photography?

Photography is my heart so there is NO way the photography is going to stop! I may have to do some rearranging as far as my booking, but my camera will always be in my hand!

Go and catch up on what you’ve missed so far!

Peace & Photos,


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