Birthdays and Weddings! What a Month, What a Month!

Goooooooooooood morning to ya gov’nas! It’s somewhat super early but I could not hold in my excitement. This month has been another super duper crazy one for me, and these last few weeks will culminate an uber amazing time! All month I’ve been writing for WEEN ( ) <—- check my work out here || and interviewing some amazing women in the fashion and entertainment industry! On the photography end, a few test shoots had to be rescheduled but it’s all gravy; the concepts we have are going to be a big ball of crazy-classic-amazement! Tomorrow I (and my photog assistant TJ) will be heading out of town to attend the wedding rehearsal of one of my high school cheerleading teammates Amelia! From our consultations, her wedding is going to be tailored to the tee for she and her hubby-to-be! ( you like that rhyme?! haha) Dancing, spoken word, special ceremonies — it’s going rock!

Now for United States Current Events…

Next weekend, it will once again be the most important weekend in American history (after the birth and resurrection of Jesus of course. lol) …….**drumroll**…..MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! ( cue the confetti )

I have planned a super swanked out dinner/night for about 29 of my closest friends and family. Since this is a milestone birthday I don’t mind dropping some figures to make sure that this is a birthday to remember ( good memories, no bad ones allowed)! 3-course personalized menus, comp access to roof tops and eclectic lounges — oh yes my dears, a great time is in store!

Despite all of the awesomeness that’s in store, I’m still kinda bummed I couldn’t invite ALL of my you guys so, for the month of May, I am running a [BELATED BIRTHDAY SPECIAL] in where you can score 25% off ANY shoot package….guess why it’s 25% ** wink wink **

SO THERE YOU GO! The month of April packed into one blog post! In the meantime, if you have any questions on the shoot special or just want to say hey — email OR visit the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website:

Peace & Photos,

– Joc

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