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Joc — In FRONT of the Camera??!

Very rarely these days am I in front of the camera, but a friend of mine just getting started in photography wanted to use me as a test subject to work on his portfolio. It took some convincing, but eventually he was able to get me dressed and standing outside. haha

Here is one of the shots from our test.


Soooo what do you think? Did I do alright? haha

Peace & Photos,

– Joc

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I am so excited to share with you the social series that family friend and fellow photographer Sabrina Thompson wrapped up this week!

The series is titled “Marriage Is….”

(Check the presentation video below)


Unfortunately here in the United States, the average marriage lasts only 8 years. Through visual imagery, Sabrina decided to travel accross the country photographing and interviewing couples who have lasted much longer than the average. She wanted to do this to show society that true love is not something that just happens, but it’s something that a man and a woman decide on committing to!

I am honored to share that my parents were chosen to participate in this amazing message and shared a little bit on how they’ve stood the test of time!


(Married 29yrs)
We met in college at Pembroke State University.

What made you fall in love?
SANDRA: His tenacity to work hard because of his love for his family.
GEORGE: Her Faithfulness to God and her family. and her beauty ( inside and outside).
Marriage is a journey that consist of two unique individuals that become one. It has highs and lows with the constant factor being God. It is being on this journey with the one you love, cherish , and respect.The Bible says: A man that findeth a wife finds a good thing.


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