Joc’s Photography “GOALdigger.” Project >> Now Accepting Nominations!!

Inspired this year by photographers Chris Arnade and Sabrina Thompson, I have decided that I want to embark on my own photography project entitled “GOALdigger.”.


Why not highlight the handful of people who are actually making progress towards their goals and dreams?! A ‘goal digger’ isn’t defined by their ethnicity or their look, but by their hustle factor. With the constant reports of murders, drugs busts, and poverty in the Wilson area, it’s hard at times to see who is actually doing some good! I want to highlight the individuals who have made progress towards their goals despite the hand that life has dealt them. I want to draw attention to those who understand that a small town doesn’t have the power to hold their mind captive.

If you know a ‘goal digger’ who is originally from or currently lives in the Wilson area – nominate them by January 19th, 2013.

Please submit your nomination via the following: 

Facebook : Joc’s Photography 

Direct Email:

Website/Contact Page:

Nomination Criteria: 

–         nomination must include the nominee’s: full name, phone or email, current city/state, & a tiny spill about what they do & why they’re a ‘goal digger’

–         nominee MUST have been born, raised, or is currently living in Wilson County

–         nominee MUST be available to photograph in Wilson during the months of January or February.

The deadline for nominations is January 19th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. Once chosen, the nominee will be contacted by Joc’s Photography to go over times, locations, and dates. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Remember ‘goal diggers’ transcend every industry: musicians, photographers, stylists, boutique owners, chefs, politicians, beauty & hair specialists, jewelry designers, teachers, actors & actresses, writers, singers, filmographers, classic dancers, restaurant owners, fashion designers!!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Peace & Photos,


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