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Unbelievable Supermodel Engagement Proposal Fake Photo Shoot


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Scharfe Family Session Sneak Peek

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the new first family of Wave Church NC — the Scharfe Family! We weren’t sure if the shoot was going to happen due to the weather being so unpredictable, but we made it! Despite a few restless tots and one heck of a wind chill, the shoot was a success! 

I had fun – which is ALWAYS a plus! Well enough of the chatter, check out the sneak peeks below!

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Peace & Photos, Joc


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Vanity Fair Accused Of Lightening Lupita Nyong’o’s Skin Color

As a photographer, it is my job to not only provide high quality photographs for my lifestyle clients, but also it’s important that I understand the art of aesthetic and the fashion editorial market. I know that a bride may not want the same “artistic” filters used in her photos that perhaps an up and coming fashion designer would. 

Lupita Nyong’o (the next Hollywood ‘it’ girl) was recently photographed for the well known fashion magazine VANITY FAIR for their February issue. I personally believe that Lupita is BEYOND gorgeous and her photo was sheer perfection; however tons of critics have slammed the magazine (and subsequently the photo editor) for lightening her silky, chocolate skin.

Take this from a photographer: her skin was not lightened. The editor applied an artistic filter to give the ENTIRE photo a bubble gum, fairy like appeal.

If her skin were lightened, the photo would be creamier, and her skin itself would be more of a manila color. I believe that while it is AMAZING that people are trying to reverse the harming effects of colorism, it’s even more important to make sure not to take it too far. The photo was done in good taste and Lupita looked as heavenly as she always does. 

Take a look for yourself.


-Peace & Photos, Joc

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Quote To Live By – Photographers

Photographers record the past in the present for the future to enjoy. – Roland Gomez



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Bridal Bliss: Against All Odds (via Essence Magazine)

(article by Charreah K. Jackson)

There are many places a woman can meet the man of her dreams. (We’ve shared nine new hotspots in the February issue of ESSENCE.) However, a homeless shelter is the last place any woman would expect to meet her Mr. Right. Entrepreneur Ressurrection Graves found herself living at a shelter after losing her home and business in 2011. It was there that she met Deven, a homeless veteran with a huge heart, and realized God had brought her to her lowest place to share a special gift with her – true love.

Graves had leased a 2,000 ft. building for her massage business, lived in a 3,000 ft. home and was in a bad relationship. In a few months time, she closed the business, lost her home and ended the relationship. She was living in her car when Hurricane Irene and an earthquake hit Washington, D.C. At rock bottom, she whispered a special prayer. “I asked God to make clear what would end this cycle,” Graves shares. “His instructions were clear. He told me to go to a particular homeless shelter in Virginia, and I did.” It was there she felt the stare of a man from across the room. One night she was sitting outside of the shelter on a covered porch watching the rain. Deven came over and introduced himself. She learned he was an Army veteran working to get back on his feet. Their connection was instant, though Graves was hesitant after all she had experienced. Deven was consistent in his care for her, even with limited resources, including walking five miles to Graves’ job at a local grocery store just to bring her lunch, then making the return trek.

However a fairytale ending was hard to imagine as the two both fought to get their lives stable again. “I told myself that I refused to fall completely until I could see that he could overcome homelessness and work a reliable job,” she says. Soon after, a business acquaintance that had no idea that Graves was homeless reached out to her. He shared a business opportunity for veterans in the DC area. “I felt this was the final sign I needed,” she says. “Deven worked full time and it transformed our life. He proved himself to be faithful, diligent and a provider with integrity.” As the couple started to make plans for their future and marriage, Deven received a housing opportunity that could only include Graves and her daughter if they were married. “He told me ‘I don’t want to live without you. I want you with me,’” she recalls.  “I was in total shock that ‘The One’ had finally come. And, I felt this overwhelming sense of gratefulness to God.”

Graves attended the original date for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial unveiling on August 28, 2011. Afterwards she returned to the shelter and Deven struck up a conversation with her. “After this conversation on the 28th, we’ve never stopped talking.” Two years later, the couple decided to marry at the Jefferson Memorial on August 28, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington and Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. “Romans 8:28 is also very fitting to our life, our relationship and what God has done for us,” Graves says.

The couple marched to the monument to pledge their lives together and they were joined by their minister and loved ones. Once again rain fell from the sky. “I’ve always seen rain as a sign of cleansing and harvest,” Graves shares.

While most couples obsess over wedding cakes and deejays, these newlyweds had something else in mind for their reception party. After marrying on the National Mall, they fulfilled another of Dr. King’s messages: feeding the hungry. The duo and their guests visited several parks around D.C and offered food to homeless men and women. The husband and wife team are now the co-founders of Glory Soldiers Global, an organization aimed to help end poverty and homelessness. “After I got into the shelter and met Deven, there were many confirmations that he was indeed the reason that I ended up there,” she says.

To support the work of this couple, visit

See the February issue of ESSENCE for more amazing love stories, on stands now.


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Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Installation

Last month I had the distinct pleasure of capturing an event at my boss’s church in Greenville, NC. It was an important day for the church as they were installing their brand new pastor; Reverend Chance Lynch, Esq. The day was extremely long and my feet were dog tired, but it was all for the kingdom….so I didn’t mind! Despite less than perfect lighting conditions, I believe I was able to capture some great photos if I may say so myself! 

Take a look!

Peace & Photos,


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The Power of Words

Words can paint a different picture depending on how you use them. – Peace & Photos, Joc

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