GOALdigger Will Be Featured In The Wilson Daily Times!

As many of you know, I have been working since December on a photo project entitled, “GOALdigger”. The project will highlight an array of Wilson natives who are working tirelessly towards their dreams in a positive, uplifting way! Many Wilsonians have great ideas, but feel stifled by the small town they live in and never follow through with their dreams. These GOALdiggers are overcoming obstacles each and every day to get one step closer to where they want to be in life!

wilson daily

I had an AMAZING interview with the Wilson Daily Times this week and was able to confirm that my project will be featured in Monday’s paper (2/10/14)  to coincide with the premiere on the Joc’s Photography website! 

Make sure you SHARE this with every one you know and make sure you get a copy of Monday’s paper! 

If you have any questions on how to get a paper or are having problems accessing the Joc’s Photography website please email me at jocsphotography@hotmail.com

Peace & Photos,



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