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GOALdigger Preview


Unbelievable Supermodel Engagement Proposal Fake Photo Shoot


Peace & Photos,


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Motown Revue – Check out the Album

Hey guys! I finally had some time to get some of the photos up from the Motown Revue play I had the pleasure of capturing last month. The lighting in the Edna Boykin Center is VERY tricky and the building is SO old! I was happy that with an extra flash on hand, I was able to get some pretty good shots! Check out the photos via Facebook BELOW!

Peace & Photos,
– Joc

Check out the Motown Revue album via Facebook:

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This is WHY Photographers Never Edit EVERY SINGLE PHOTO…

I haven’t really had any problems from clients asking “can I have the photos” because I make sure I set my prices and packages to eliminate it; HOWEVER, the questions has come up before.


If you all can remember a mere month or so ago when Beyonce started the first leg of her Mrs. Carter World Tour; she banned all photographers except the ones hired by her. MANY were outraged, but this post explains why she did it. As a photographer I can attest that there is NO photographer in the universe who shoots events/concerts that shoots every frame perfectly. When your subject/client is moving and gyrating all over the place you may capture an unflattering shot; but most photographers just delete it and shoot again. Unfortunately there are some photogs who get super amped by WHO they are shooting, they forget that this is still a client and our job as photographers is to make you feel good about yourself and the memories we are creating. I’ll say no more…just  read:

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Amelia + Antonio MARRIED!!

Hey guys! The Speight Wedding this weekend was BY FAR one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve shot this year! Since the [bride] Amelia and I used to cheer together back in high school (yes, I’m part of Cheer Nation FOREVER!) I knew I was in for a good time! Everything was done in true Amelia fashion! Her new husband didn’t surprise me much either — he and his bride are a match made in heaven! It was so cute capturing their first dance (which was a medley that included Miguel’s ADORN).

The father-daughter dance….oh yes, when the music starts playing and it’s Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”…oh yes, you’re in for a great reception!

Check out some of the photo sneak peeks and a YouTube Video a wedding guest posted of the Father/Daughter Dance!

Best Father Daughter Dance Ever Speight Wedding

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Just Do Something Crazy — Like Support Eachother!

Hope you guys have been enjoying your spring so far! Things have been going amazing for myself! I’m scheduling test shoots, interviewing all over the place, and getting ready for a beautiful wedding next week — all is right in the world of photos!

A few of my clients have launched on new ventures and I want you guys to check them out and support! Photos courtesy of me…duh, you guys already knew that! haha. So there you go….what are you waiting for?!? – Peace & Photos, Joc

Sam Harmonix (producer/song writer)


Drew Chambers (singer/artist)


Gregory Cox (videography by Charles Ashley Jr)


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We All [Choose]…

It feels like it’s been FOREVER and 26 days since I’ve posted!

Life has been very busy in these past few weeks, but still totally awesome! I’m booking my first few gigs of the new year and last week I received an email that I’ve been waiting several months for….but I’ll tell you guys about that in detail later! =)

In other news, I made my first photo delivery of 2013 this past weekend (sneak a peek below) which got me thinking of love and family. Love is SO beautiful and if you let it…it will find you and make you one of the happiest people in existence. But love doesn’t just happen. People don’t simply ‘fall’ in love. You don’t love your friends &  family out of the blue — we all CHOOSE to love. That’s what makes it so amazing!!! Think about it, if we were FORCED to ‘love’ someone; all the fun and meaning would be sucked right out of the experience! Photographing these clients and seeing how they were truly a loving family made me that much more honored to be able to capture that feeling on camera.

Candance + Keane Sauls Maternity

Last year, my awesome friend Gregory Cox released his EP “The Last Start” — one in which I had the pleasure of shooting the art work for — and one of my favorite songs on the album is titled “Choose”. It’s a lightly quirky, but funky record that speaks on love in the very same way I witnessed it in my client’s shoot. We all CHOOSE to love. ❤ Check it out and take this song into your week — CHOOSE to love.

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Wanna Get A FREE Album, FREE Music Video Access, and other FREE Drew Chambers Merchandise?!

Hey guys remember my good friend Drew Chambers (the awesome guy with blue-eyed soul)?! WELL he’s finally ready to record his DEBUT ALBUM “Catch 22” and is shooting 2 videos to go with his first 2 singles!

( above photos taken by photographer Jocelyn Drawhorn )

As all of us in the adult world know, it takes money to make money – Drew really needs your help with this EPIC project! Since he’s an independent artist and YouTube phenomenon, he needs a little backing from the fans, friends, & supporters!

SO here’s how you help get good music out to the masses –

#1 Visit the Official Link here:

#2 Pledge whatever amount you can. Each pledge amount can get you exclusive access to TONS of awesome Drew Chambers music, visuals, apparel & more!

If you pledge….you get… 

$10 FREE single “Catch 22” & the a free downloadable music video

$25 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release and BOTH of the downloadable music videos for the first singles “Catch 22” and “Medicine”

$50 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release, BOTH downloadable music videos, a “Catch 22” poster, and a “Catch 22” t-shirt

$100 – FREE digital download of the ENTIRE “Catch 22” album before its actual release, BOTH downloadable music videos, “Catch 22” poster, “Catch 22” t-shirt, AND signed hard copy of Drew’s first album “Catch 22”

$500 or more SIGNED hard copy of Drew’s first album “Catch 22” and a guitar personally signed by Drew Chambers

PRETTY COOL RIGHT!?! I know…I’m getting my pledge ready, so go ahead & make yours!

Be sure to let me know how much you pledge – I may have a photo surprise in store for


 STILL need convincing? Check out some of Drew’s covers and original songs!

Rihanna Diamonds Cover- DREW CHAMBERS

DREW CHAMBERS singing “Nighttime” ORIGNAL


Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had Cover – DREW CHAMBERS

– Peace & Photos, Joc

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Have You Ever Seen a 20 Year Old Look 60? — You Have Now!

While perusing the world wide web, I came across this very interesting ‘experiment’. With the help of awesome photography lighting, a skilled 20 yr old model, AND bomb makeup artists — you can see how 1 girl shoots her way through 6 decades of life! Enjoy. ❤

Through The Decades

This beautiful 20 year old model poses through the decades. She poses as if she was 10 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, and 60 years old.
This would not be possible if it weren’t for the amazing team of make up artists, hair stylists, and of course the different lighting techniques.
Vogue Paris November 2008 with Eniko Mihalik by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin styled by Carine Roitfeld, make-up by Lisa Butler.

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New Collaboration with Producer/Artist Gregory Cox!

As you all should know by now I LOVE LOVE LOVE to support my friends when it comes to following their dreams — and today is no exception! Earlier this month I had the awesome pleasure of collaborating with my love Gregory Cox on the release of his EP “The Last Start”!

Greg is a funky kind of soul — but still likes the classic vibe of things. Therefore, we spent an entire day shooting for the perfect album art work. I lie to you not, we shot at about 4 or 5 different locations, but didn’t feel that “WOW” feeling until the VERY LAST LOCATION!!! After going through and editing the film, we decided that literally the next to the last photo I took was the perfect album cover! GO FIGURE!!! I know we’re friends because I walked away from shooting tired, sweaty, and I still can say that I had fun!!!

Soooooooo (** drumroll please **) make sure you download the EP people “The Last Start” – Gregory Cox and check out my photography work!

And if you’re STILL saying to yourself “mmmm I dunno; is this guy REALLY worth checking out” — know that Greg was a contestant on P.Diddy’s “MAKING HIS BANDPLUS the download is FREE. So there’s your push over the edge! ❤

Peace & Photos!

Also check out the videos he released as well! —->