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On Saturday March 21st I had a wonderful time capturing the wedding of Keosha and Angelo Maddox. The first wedding of spring, it was a beautiful sunny day — not a drop of rain in sight! This couple was big on family and big on love! Enough talking….enjoy the sneak peek!

Peace & Photos, Joc

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It’s the Edwards Family!

This fall I had the pleasure of photographing the Edwards family! This, hands down, has had to be my favorite shoot of the season — talk about fun! In fact, they probably don’t know this, but if my future husband and I have a girl down the line, I’m going to name her after the two Edwards girls…..Rosalyn Camille ( Rosalyn Edwards and Camille Edwards).

During this shoot we laughed, we hopped, we ran, and enjoyed everything in between! With a father who is a firefighter and a mom that teaches everything under the sun; you know all three kids have a very happy life! Well enough of my blabbering…..check out a few of the photos!

Peace & Photos,


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Wedding Mania Weekend #1

WEDDING MANIA!!!! I no longer breathe heavy when I hear this. haha My first two weddings were VERY busy, but all worth it! As I edit the photos each day, I get excited to see my brides’ faces!! I wanted to to give you guys a sneak peek into the fun that went on w/ these video clips!

Sparrow Wedding — what really happens after te reception. lol WEDDING #1

Hollins Wedding — First Dance


I’ll be posting some sneak peeks of the brides soon! Keep checking back!! ❤

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