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This is WHY Photographers Never Edit EVERY SINGLE PHOTO…

I haven’t really had any problems from clients asking “can I have the photos” because I make sure I set my prices and packages to eliminate it; HOWEVER, the questions has come up before.


If you all can remember a mere month or so ago when Beyonce started the first leg of her Mrs. Carter World Tour; she banned all photographers except the ones hired by her. MANY were outraged, but this post explains why she did it. As a photographer I can attest that there is NO photographer in the universe who shoots events/concerts that shoots every frame perfectly. When your subject/client is moving and gyrating all over the place you may capture an unflattering shot; but most photographers just delete it and shoot again. Unfortunately there are some photogs who get super amped by WHO they are shooting, they forget that this is still a client and our job as photographers is to make you feel good about yourself and the memories we are creating. I’ll say no more…justĀ  read:



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