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Motown Revue Photo Booth

How’s it going in photoland?! Last weekend I had very tiresome, but super fun task of photographing at the play “Motown Revue” in Wilson, NC. The reason I’m STILL trying to catch up on my sleep is because in addition to photographing the entire play (both nights of production), I was also a vendor. So to spice things up a bit and make things fun I decided to have some of the ‘additional cast members’ dress up in costume and pose with the patrons who wanted to snap a photo! I scoured up and down for the perfect backdrop and props and I found everything I needed!

Background: Motown Revue is a play conceived and written by Toshika Smith – she’s super sweet and very dedicated to what she does. She’s been running this play for the past 4 or 5 years and it just so happens this year, things lined up so I could participate. Some of you don’t know but I LOVE to sing, but since my schedule wouldn’t allow me to commit to the 2 1/2 month long practices, I was able to be part of the production through photography! (awesome right??!) The play is in 2 parts and takes you through the history of Berry Gordy’s Motown – 50s, 60, and 70s. The turn out was AMAZING BOTH NIGHTS! The audience danced, laughed, and relived their teen and childhood years. Some patrons even brought their kids so that the next generation could hear some good ole grown folks music!

Here is a glimpse of some of the fun we had at the photo booth! Enjoy!

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