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On Saturday March 21st I had a wonderful time capturing the wedding of Keosha and Angelo Maddox. The first wedding of spring, it was a beautiful sunny day — not a drop of rain in sight! This couple was big on family and big on love! Enough talking….enjoy the sneak peek!

Peace & Photos, Joc

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Edwards Wedding Sneak Peek!!!!

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Last month I had the honor of photographing the beautiful Irene (Monk) Edwards and her husband DeQuan! When I met with this couple last year, they told me a little of their love story (which was too cute by the way). They’d been sweethearts since high school and finally decided to cash in on what they already knew was going to happen….their happily ever after!

This couple was super easy going and with DeQuan working hard in the food industry and Irene managing her own beauty shop — they looked like like they deserved this day to just enjoy each other and bask in love!

Enough chatting….enjoy these sneak peeks and don’t forget to check back daily for more!


Peace & Photos,


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Bride Whose Father Died Gets Unforgettable Surprise at Her Wedding (VIDEO)

(by Maressa Brown January 31 at 6:57 PM via CafeMoms.com)

Maaaan, viral wedding videos are a dime a dozen these days. And everyone seems to think their First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance was The Best and is destined to be a YouTube sensation. (Even if it were dimly, drunkenly shot upright with an iPhone.) But every now and then, you find a video of a wedding dance that is heartachingly beautiful and tearjerking. That’s probably the only way to describe this one that has been making the rounds online since July …

When bride Andrea‘s father died before he could walk her down the aisle, her brother decided to step in and prepare an amazing surprise for her. He recorded the song “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle and played it for Andrea as she danced with family and friends instead of her late dad. Better bust out the tissues, cuz it’s about to get blubbery in here …

So heart-wrenching … That could not have been easy for Andrea. But how amazing is it that her brother did that for her? Just like the cake-cutting or the tossing of the bouquet, the father-daughter dance is one of those wedding traditions everyone looks forward to. And instead of trying to brush it under the rug, Andrea’s brother created an incredible memory for his sister, the bride, and a beautiful tribute to their late father. It truly was an unforgettable surprise.

SEE THE VIDEO HERE (don’t forget your tissue): http://vimeo.com/46215522#at=364

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Amelia + Antonio MARRIED!!

Hey guys! The Speight Wedding this weekend was BY FAR one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve shot this year! Since the [bride] Amelia and I used to cheer together back in high school (yes, I’m part of Cheer Nation FOREVER!) I knew I was in for a good time! Everything was done in true Amelia fashion! Her new husband didn’t surprise me much either — he and his bride are a match made in heaven! It was so cute capturing their first dance (which was a medley that included Miguel’s ADORN).

The father-daughter dance….oh yes, when the music starts playing and it’s Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”…oh yes, you’re in for a great reception!

Check out some of the photo sneak peeks and a YouTube Video a wedding guest posted of the Father/Daughter Dance!

Best Father Daughter Dance Ever Speight Wedding

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It’s the time for LOVE SWEET LOVE!

So I finally have a break to post a few sneak peeks from an engagment shoot I did 2 weeks ago! This shoot was super long and super cold but super fun. The bride-to-be is a dear friend that I cheered with in highschool (yes, I used to be a cheerleader. #CHEERNation #forlife #thisisntTwittersowhat ) and she’s getting married this spring! I’m very honored and thankful that she came to me to capture their journey in love!

Well, without further ado…here you go!

ps. don’t you just LOVE the vintage concept !!

Peace & photos,

– Joc

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Hello party people! I am SO beyond excited because with the help of you (my clients) and some web hosting knowledge from one of my closest friends/colleagues I know officially own http://www.jocsphotography.com! After 3 years of having an official online site I FINALLY have my own domain! For some this may not be a big whoop, but when you go from having like a billion words in your free-domain name to something simple and sweet — it makes a WORLD of difference! It’s easier to find AND remember (which is exactly what I want). I’m still updating my portfolio, but make sure you check me out RIGHT after reading this!

In other photography news….well not much. haha Since I’ve been named the Creative Director of Our Success Magazine (not sure if I’ve told you guys yet or not, but if not you know now) and contributing for WEEN, my photo shoot booking has been spread out. I usually shoot on weekends now (a few during the week) so my available dates are going fast for Spring 2013. I just recently shot engagment photos for one of my highschool cheer mates (I’ll post a few sneak peeks in the coming weeks) and I’m gearing up to shoot her wedding in April! Also in two weeks I’ll be covering the baby shower of a family friend which should be SO much fun because mom is having TWINS!!!

I’ll be trying to fit some test shoots in and MAYBE have a summer special soon…so keep your eyes peeled!

Peace & Photos,


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Wedding Mania Blur

FINALLY finished the last edits from [Wedding Mania] so here is a condensed version of what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months! Enjoy & Happy Friday!


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Hey guys! I’ve been so busy this past week trying to put a dent in the edits for my [Wedding Mania] clients! I didn’t want to forget to update you on what’s been going on, so I’m giving you a FIRST LOOK peek into the edits from the Sparrow and Artis Weddings!

Check out the Official Facebook Page of [Joc’s Photography] to peep them out!


Until then………

Peace & photos.


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Wedding Mania Week 3 & 4 – Green Wedding

This weekend was by far the most hectic of the entire stint of [WEDDING MANIA]! Nevertheless I always enjoy myself when I get to do what I love! Check out photos from my weekend with The Greens!

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And You Think YOUR Life Is a Blur…

Hola!!! I’m kind of at a bittersweet moment writing this post because [WEDDING MANIA] is already almost halfway over! These first 3 weddings have been adventures in their own right — but all worth the destination (which is beautiful photo product)!

The wedding of my good friends (the new) Howard and Celisa Artis was the perfect continuation of all the love I’ve been blessed to capture this month! Howard and I go WAYYYYYYYYY(yyyyyyyyy) back to elementary school and since we’re connected to some of the same friends — the wedding was like a family reunion more than anything!  You can say it was our version of “six degrees of separation”.  AND being that most of our friends are musical in some way, fashion, or form; it REALLY blew everyone away when Howard in collaboration with our friends Terrell, Thomas, and Ojilove wrote, composed, and produced all but 3 songs during the entire ceremony! IT WAS AMAZING!

Since all of this month has been going by so quickly, here are some photo moments commemorating these wonderful weddings!

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