Hello party people! I am SO beyond excited because with the help of you (my clients) and some web hosting knowledge from one of my closest friends/colleagues I know officially own http://www.jocsphotography.com! After 3 years of having an official online site I FINALLY have my own domain! For some this may not be a big whoop, but when you go from having like a billion words in your free-domain name to something simple and sweet — it makes a WORLD of difference! It’s easier to find AND remember (which is exactly what I want). I’m still updating my portfolio, but make sure you check me out RIGHT after reading this!

In other photography news….well not much. haha Since I’ve been named the Creative Director of Our Success Magazine (not sure if I’ve told you guys yet or not, but if not you know now) and contributing for WEEN, my photo shoot booking has been spread out. I usually shoot on weekends now (a few during the week) so my available dates are going fast for Spring 2013. I just recently shot engagment photos for one of my highschool cheer mates (I’ll post a few sneak peeks in the coming weeks) and I’m gearing up to shoot her wedding in April! Also in two weeks I’ll be covering the baby shower of a family friend which should be SO much fun because mom is having TWINS!!!

I’ll be trying to fit some test shoots in and MAYBE have a summer special soon…so keep your eyes peeled!

Peace & Photos,


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