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Unbelievable Supermodel Engagement Proposal Fake Photo Shoot


Peace & Photos,


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Vanity Fair Accused Of Lightening Lupita Nyong’o’s Skin Color

As a photographer, it is my job to not only provide high quality photographs for my lifestyle clients, but also it’s important that I understand the art of aesthetic and the fashion editorial market. I know that a bride may not want the same “artistic” filters used in her photos that perhaps an up and coming fashion designer would. 

Lupita Nyong’o (the next Hollywood ‘it’ girl) was recently photographed for the well known fashion magazine VANITY FAIR for their February issue. I personally believe that Lupita is BEYOND gorgeous and her photo was sheer perfection; however tons of critics have slammed the magazine (and subsequently the photo editor) for lightening her silky, chocolate skin.

Take this from a photographer: her skin was not lightened. The editor applied an artistic filter to give the ENTIRE photo a bubble gum, fairy like appeal.

If her skin were lightened, the photo would be creamier, and her skin itself would be more of a manila color. I believe that while it is AMAZING that people are trying to reverse the harming effects of colorism, it’s even more important to make sure not to take it too far. The photo was done in good taste and Lupita looked as heavenly as she always does. 

Take a look for yourself.


-Peace & Photos, Joc

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NEW PHOTOS ADDED to the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website!

Photographer: Jocelyn Drawhorn Model: Sam Pounds Creative Assistant: Rich Griffis

Photographer: Jocelyn Drawhorn
Model: Sam Pounds
Creative Assistant: Rich Griffis

Hey guys! It’s been a WHIIIIIIIIIILLLLEEE since I’ve updated the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website! I’ve been so busy shooting, booking, working, editing, and juggling everything else in life; I haven’t been able to post any of my recent work!

A month ago I had the pleasure of working with my good friend producer (and uncanny model) Sam Harmonix (Sam Pounds). I got so caught up in making sure I blogged about how the day went, I forgot to post the friggin photos!! Go figure!

Soooooo without further ado-o-o-o-o, here is a sneak peek of his shoot! You’ve got to check out the Official [Joc’s Photography] Website to peep the rest!

Peace & Photos,

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Still Trying To Figure Out What To Do With That $3 In You Pocket??


Our Success Magazine — New Gig, New Feature!

I have been holding this in for about a month and 1/2 but now I can announce that I am now a photog contributor/photojournalist for OUR SUCCESS MAGAZINE This magazine is SO what is needed in my hometown area — a magazine that highlights successful individuals (moreso successful minorities) in North Carolina! You can easily pick up an issue of Time Magazine or Black Enterprise to read up on the latest inventors and trailblazers; but you rarely hear about the stories from North Carolina! Yes, we’re a small southern state, but there ARE successful people who live here too! 

When the Editor In Chief Gregory Hedgepeth contacted me I was so honored! This is the perfect opportunity to grow my photography and network while linking others together! After our initial call, my entire week was made. But a few weeks ago, Greg slapped a cherry on top of that good news when he asked how I felt about being featured as the magazine’s “Woman Of The Issue”! I wanted to jump through, the phone, shake him and scream YES! ( but I didnt ) I was excited not for the simple fact that a magazine wanted to highlight MY story, but hugely because it would allow me to contribute to a publication that’s close to home! It’s nice to be recognized by others in other states, but it’s something about advocating those right in your own neighborhood that really lights up your day!

So with that, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support not only me, but this magazine!

“How can I contribute Joc? I don’t have $30 a year to spend on a magazine!”

Well my dear friends, OUR SUCCESS MAGAZINE is a QUARTERLY publication (which means it issues every 3 months) AND it’s offered in Print AND Online!

DIGITAL ONLINE ISSUE: $3.00 //   PRINT ISSUE: $17 // — and if you purchase the print version, you’ll get access to the digital issue FREE!

Now how can you beat that folks?!?! — you can’t! So I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a billion gagillion more times — SUPPORT! Thanks!

Peace & Photos,


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Laquan Smith — Robotic Dream — Fall 2012

Seriously folks, I can NOT take any more genius from fashion designer Laquan Smith! I have been following him since 2010 and it seems like in a blink of an eye, he is cranking out new work that it takes some designers 20 years to create! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF LAQUAN SMITH AND GOOGLE]

Over the past 2 years you may have seen Laquan’s work on some of your favs — Rihanna (Rude Boy video), Raven Symone, Mogul Tyra Banks, Cassie, Victoria Secret Model Selita Ebanks, Lady Gaga, Glee Actress Amber Riley, and leading lady Paula Patton! (whew let me catch my breath). HOWEVER, most of the ‘everyday’ world started catching notice this year when his work was shown on BET’s Rip The Runway 2012. Each of his collections have a distinct difference between them, however they still collectively scream — LAQUAN! LAQUAN! LAQUAN!

His newest collection “Robotic Dream” / “Eclipse” Fall/Holiday 2012 is definitely the bees knees and frankly — who has time to wait for fall — some of these pieces need to be rocked NOW! Smith’s Jolly Rancher pieces from his “Robotic Dream” Collection make you feel as though you’ve been sucked into a time warp and transcended back to the 80s — but you brought along Judy Jetson for the ride! (see below)

Everyone who is anyone should definitely keep an ear to the fashion circut and save up for your Laquan Smith piece! Speaking from a photographer’s POV, these fashions are a camera’s dream come true! – Joc

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Louis V and Mr. Ali

So I was perusing the fashion files and came across the newest (and sure to be classic) Louis Vuitton ad for their upcoming ‘Core Values’ campaign! Guess who it’s starring?…Muhummad Ali and one of his adorable grandsons! [ PHOTO COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON]

I think that this is perhaps the greatest idea this company has had in awhile! LV is a French company so you can always expect suave, milky, luxe to glide off the page; but for them to enlist such an iconic person of color as the face of their company — tops the cake!

For those of you who have been living in a monastary or a convent for the past century, Muhummad Ali is perhaps one of the greatest and most classic figures of our time. Not only because he was a boxing champ, but for his borderline haughty attitude and the punch he packed to back it up!

Though time has passed and he has suffered health setbacks in recent decades (due to his boxing history), Muhummad is a power packed symbol of ‘core value’ luxury (in my opinion). He strove to be the best as his craft. He strove to provide the best for his family. And it appears he still strives to teach his decendents to be the best as well.

Hats off to Louis Vuitton marketing and Muhummad Ali for accepting!

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## StreeT EtiquettE ##

For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been seeing photos of these 2 outrageously fashionable guys circulating around my Tumblr feed ( to check/follow my personal blog click: ) . In my mind I’d always scream — I need them in my lifeeeeee! They have ‘double-handedly’ transformed urban fashion as it relates to African American males. Being more keen to the ‘oddities’ of life myself, I digested the photos of these gentleman as refreshing hints of tang , speaking up in a muddled course of t-shirts, baggy jeans, and fitteds.

Everytime I’d see them I’d think, “MAN, next time I head up state I’m gonna try to track these guys down!” To my surprise, thanks to a photographer colleague, I’ve found that these guys ACTUALLY have a blog and aren’t some random New York folks who just so happeend to have great style!

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, both of the Bronx,N.Y., are the founders of the blog Street Etiquette. Now my week is a little brighter because I don’t have to wait until someone reblogs one of their photos on Tumblr — I can see fashion at it’s most unique any day of the week! Do yourself a favor guys & gals — check these young fellas out! [PHOTOS COURTESY OF STREET ETIQUETTE BLOG AND GOOGLE]

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Hey party people!!! I’m looking for MUAs, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, and a few models for this summer! I’ve decided to get the ball rolling and crank up on my test shoots! – growth is a process and I need some creative folks to collab with!

As of now, these shoots will be done on a TFP/TF-CD basis only! If (and when) the photos get picked up by a magazine or some other publication, you WILL be credited!

SO if you’re a creative soul and want to work with good ole Joc, here’s what I’ll need to know!

MAKE UP ARTISTS: Location, travel availability, summer schedule (May-Aug), extent of work, a few photos of your work

WARDROBE STYLISTS: Location, travel availability, summer schedule (May-Aug), inventory list, a few photos of your work

HAIR STYLISTS: Location, travel availability, summer schedule (May-Aug), extent of work, a few photos of your work (ethnic and caucasian hair types)

MODELS: Location, travel availability, summer schedule (May-Aug), stats (ht, wt, body type, hair type, etc), 1 profile photo, 1 headshot, 1 full body

*** PLEASE SUBMIT ALL OF YOUR INFO TO If it is not submitted there, you will not be considered. Thanks a bunch ***

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Joc

Mali Romeo Clothing — Spring/Summer 2012 Collection!

Back in January of this year, I had the awesome pleasure of winning a creative contest put on by clothing designer Mali Ro. The prompt was to submit suggestions on how to add some spunk to the 2012 Launch of the Mali Ro Website! WELL imagine my glee when I found out I WON and that some of my suggestions were ACTUALLY used! I really like the simplicity of this new collection; it’s indie, relaxed, but still fashionable! It’s apparent that Miss Malika is a girl after my own heart!

As a freelance photographer, it’s been a huge challenge for me to find cute, yet functional pieces to wear on my shoots since I’m constantly bending down, walking, and squirming to fit into odd positions (so I can get a great shot) — I need photog friendly wearables!!!  This collection will be my new best friend come summer!  Other than my love for the clothing, I LOVE new talent! Even though this is not Mali’s first collection and her stuff has been worn by tons of coolies, she is still, in my opinion, emerging!

So check out the BRAND SPANKIN NEW Mali Ro Website and make sure you snag your piece before the summer gets rolling! Trust me, your body will thank you =) 

Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams in Mali Ro Spring/Summer 2012

Mali Ro in BET Rip The Runway 2012

One of my suggestions from the contest in real time =)

Mali Ro Spring/Summer 2012

Mali Ro Spring/Summer 2012

106 & Park's Rocsi Diaz in Mali Ro Spring/Summer 2012

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