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Melissa + Marquel Engagement Sneak Peek

When I found out one of my favorite ladies from college was engaged, I was almost as excited as I was when she and her fiance asked me to photograph their love story! For weeks we went over inspirations and with all of this crazy NC weather, locked down a date. We had everything set for an outdoor shoot when the good Lord decided to throw us a curveball and send a monsoon just hours before we were scheduled to start our session.

Thankfully resilience is one of my most handy personality traits/skills; so my photography crew and I switched into gear and discovered that The Renaissance Hotel North Hills in Raleigh was a beautifully contemporary backdrop for a classy engagement session. With a lot of patience and a few good attitudes, we all headed over to the hotel lobby to begin setting up — the rest is history.

Peace & Photos, Joc


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On Saturday March 21st I had a wonderful time capturing the wedding of Keosha and Angelo Maddox. The first wedding of spring, it was a beautiful sunny day — not a drop of rain in sight! This couple was big on family and big on love! Enough talking….enjoy the sneak peek!

Peace & Photos, Joc

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NEW Customer Loyalty Discount!!!!! (ends 12/31/14)

From now until 12/31/14 all previous Joc’s Photography customers can receive 10% off their next portrait session. 



– Must book next session for dates between 6/5/14 and 12/31/14.

– This offer does not apply to sessions taking place in 2015 or beyond.

– This offer does not apply to wedding, corporate, commercial, or event photography. Portraits and Lifestyle ONLY.

– Email jocsphotography@hotmail.com to receive DISCOUNT CODE

– One (1) Code per household

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I am so excited to share with you the social series that family friend and fellow photographer Sabrina Thompson wrapped up this week!

The series is titled “Marriage Is….”

(Check the presentation video below)

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/channels/470295/74583802]

Unfortunately here in the United States, the average marriage lasts only 8 years. Through visual imagery, Sabrina decided to travel accross the country photographing and interviewing couples who have lasted much longer than the average. She wanted to do this to show society that true love is not something that just happens, but it’s something that a man and a woman decide on committing to!

I am honored to share that my parents were chosen to participate in this amazing message and shared a little bit on how they’ve stood the test of time!


(Married 29yrs)
We met in college at Pembroke State University.

What made you fall in love?
SANDRA: His tenacity to work hard because of his love for his family.
GEORGE: Her Faithfulness to God and her family. and her beauty ( inside and outside).
Marriage is a journey that consist of two unique individuals that become one. It has highs and lows with the constant factor being God. It is being on this journey with the one you love, cherish , and respect.The Bible says: A man that findeth a wife finds a good thing.


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Frustrations of a Freelance Photographer

As the summer rolls on and changes are being made, I find that my time to shoot is feeling scarce these days! It really gets to me some days more than others – but in the end, I know that the day will come when I can focus the energies and time I want on my photography and give it the love that it deserves! Still booking for August/September 2013.

Spots are limited so get them while you can!

Peace & Photos,


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SAY CHEESE! My Shoot with the Staff of TTh Family Dentistry

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with the cheerful staff of TTh Family Dentistry in Morrisville, NC.  From the moment I got off of my corporate job, I packed my car and hit the road towards the Cary area! This isn’t the first time I’ve worked with Dr. Tasha Timberlake Hinton and her staff — they are a cast of amazing folks! Dr. Hinton has been working in dentistry since 2002 and a mere 1 1/2 ago, decided to branch out on her own and establish her own practice. TTh Family Dentistry is no doubt one of the coolest and modern dental offices I’ve been to in my life!….they have an IPad check in system for goodness sakes! AND a coffee/tea bar! WHAT?! Well here is a proof of Dr. Hinton’s headshot. Such a beautiful smile to go with a beautiful spirit!

If you are in the Eastern North Carolina area make sure you visit TTh Family Dentistry and check their website in the near future to see more of my work with them!

Peace & Photos,

– Joc

Dr. Tasha Timberlake Hinton

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RADIATE! Let Your Light SHINE!

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to do the photography for New Beginnings Church’s RADIATE Women’s Day! Everything was wonderful and the message was great — I think you guys will love the photography setup! There were SO many photos, I just thought you’d want to check out the Facebook album instead of scroll continuously down this page. haha

Peace & Photos,


HERE’S the link to the FB album:  RADIATE Women’s Day

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Go Jocelyn, It’s Yo Birthday — We Worked and Partied Like it Was Your Birthday!

So yesterday was a super special day for me because (huge gasp) IT WAS MY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!! **cue confetti** Wooo Hoooo! Since I worked and had a bridal shoot scheduled for my ACTUAL birthday, I decided to celebrate with a super swanky dinner at this extremely upscale restuarant and lounge. Needless to say, despite some unplanned hiccups, the weekend was amazing! Many of my close family and friends came out to celebrate and enjoy the weekend with me and the food —- ohh the food, let’s say my first time eating filet mignon was one of the best food experiences ever! This week I’ll be slammed doing interviews, editing photos, working at my office, and photoshoots so I wanted to post a few photos so you guys can be included in this milestone birthday!

Peace and Photos,

– Joc

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Amelia + Antonio MARRIED!!

Hey guys! The Speight Wedding this weekend was BY FAR one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve shot this year! Since the [bride] Amelia and I used to cheer together back in high school (yes, I’m part of Cheer Nation FOREVER!) I knew I was in for a good time! Everything was done in true Amelia fashion! Her new husband didn’t surprise me much either — he and his bride are a match made in heaven! It was so cute capturing their first dance (which was a medley that included Miguel’s ADORN).

The father-daughter dance….oh yes, when the music starts playing and it’s Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up”…oh yes, you’re in for a great reception!

Check out some of the photo sneak peeks and a YouTube Video a wedding guest posted of the Father/Daughter Dance!

Best Father Daughter Dance Ever Speight Wedding

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[Insert Inspiration]

Hey guys! I’ve been VERY VERY busy with the [surprise news] I’ve promised to tell you about later on, but today I just wanted to share some encouragement with you all! ❤  If you’ve never booked a session with me, you should know that I vew EVERYTHING through my [beauty shades]. Everyone and every thing is beautiful in it’s own way…even if you have to search for it. When I photograph, I try to highlight my clients and make them feel beautiful in the skin they’ve been blessed with. This leads me into my post….
I’ve known about and have followed Nick’s story for over a year now & it NEVER gets old! His testimony helped me in what I consider to be one of the worst times in my life. So next time you’re facing something bad, don’t as WHY ME…ask HELP ME Lord to endure so I can help someone else.
Peace & Photos,
 ♥ – Joc
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